Piano Video Courses:

compiled by Doug (e-mail magicref (at) lycos.com)
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During my searching for new Piano and Music Theory software, I became aware of the many on-line piano courses and
video courses that can be downloaded or purchased to help you learn piano. There are also several on-line music theory websites out there.

A real live teacher is probably the best approach for learning piano, but finding a good teacher can sometimes be difficult, and
often expensive. Good piano software or a video instruction course can help fill in the blanks, or at least help you get started
if you can't find or afford a real teacher.

As mentioned on the Music Software page, some software that allows use with MIDI keyboards provides the great advantage of
real-time feedback. That is, it can help you with timing by detecting if you aren't playing the notes at the right speed. It can also,
of course, let you know when you've played the wrong note! To me, it seems the ability to have instant feedback between what you
are watching and playing and the keyboard is the biggest advantage of MIDI compatible music software.

However, there are times when you can't have a keyboard by your laptop, and there are only so many software programs available, and perhaps they don't meet all your needs.

This table lists SOME of the video courses I've come across on the Web that offer music instruction, as well as some of the on-line music theory sites that I've come across. I've tried to limit it to programs that teach some music theory as well as how to play. Some instruction programs just teach chords and patterns so you can play right away, but don't do much to teach you about music and reading music.

Also, as far as I know, none of the Video instruction courses are MIDI compatible. That is, you watch the video and play along on your own piano or keyboard. There is no interaction per-se.

Sidebar: Music-Instruction promotion comments. There are lots of websites out there that I call "Web Info-Mercials". You can recognize the format right away: a very long scrollable web page with all the text centered. They are usually written in a very "personal" style and offer you $1000 worth of downloads for only $100. As you scroll down, there are several bonuses offered if you will only buy now! I personally hate this style of advertising, but apparently it is very effective as I come across these pages quite often, and several of the Piano courses listed below use this style. I must note that just because someone uses this approach to advertise doesn't mean the product isn't good. As with anything you buy, just look at the bottom line and evaluate what you are getting against the competition.
Another advertising gimmick is the use of "affiliates". An affiliate will advertise your software on their website, and if someone buys your software by clicking on a link on the affiliate web-site, then the affiliate gets a purchase bonus. Now, this doesn't mean an affiliate is doing this just for monetary gain. Often, they decide to become an affiliate because the have used your program and really like it and want to promote it. For example, Sunbelt-Software produces the VIPRE anti-virus program that I really like, and they recently began an affiliate program. I was tempted, but decided (for now! <grin>) to remain fully independent of these influences. In any case, I point this out just to make you aware that some of the "review" sites out there will rate affiliated programs quite highly, and it is sometimes difficult to tell if this is an objective review or if it is highly motivated by affiliation money bonuses.

Ricci Adam's MusicTheory.net
Ricci Adams MusicTheory.net site is a free resource that has some very well done Flash lessons in music theory. You can even download the entire site to you own computer. Highly recommended!
Learn and Master Piano
The Learn and Master Series provides instruction in Piano, Guitar, Drums, and more. The main feature is a set of DVD instructional videos that provide lessons from a seasoned professional. There are also supplementary CDs with songs to play along with, instruction manuals to utilize, and on-line forums to help you with questions. They promote very heavily with an affiliate program so you'll find many so-called review sites that name them number one, but despite the hype, they do look to be very good. The list price is around $250 for the complete set, but a sale is periodically run that offers $100 off, so be sure to wait until the sale period to purchase. I do not own this, though have been tempted to buy both the Guitar and Piano sets for my children.
Learn Piano Online
Learn Piano Online is taught by Lisa Steeple and is provided in a series of PDF (or online) files, MP3 audio files, and videos. Teaches music theory and the samples I viewed looked decent (please note that I'm not a piano instructor!). Plans start at 3 Months for $39.99, 12 Months $69, or Lifetime $149.99. A package with physical books and CD delivered to your home (with lifetime online support) $189.99
Piano for Life
This program begins with the Piano For Quitters video (90 minutes) and then moves on to the Piano for Life Sequel (4.5 hours). Actual note reading is not introduced until the sequel. This course is also available on OnDemand Cable television! $17.95 Piano for Quitters; $59.95 Piano for Life. Free shipping if you buy both.
Rocket Piano
Another "info-mercial" style offering, Rocket Piano offers video and audio instruction by Ruth Searle in a downloadable package. The package contains videos you play on your computer, MP3 files, and e-books that you can read on your PC or print out. There are a few software programs included as well: Jayde Musica Pro, Chordinator and the Rocket Piano Metronome. (Although there is software included, the main instruction is video, so I included Rocket Piano on this page rather than the Music Software page). The entire package includes: three books, 133 sound files, 57 video lessons and three fun learning games. Price is low at $39.95 if you select the download version, or $199.95 if you want it mailed to you on CDs and DVDs and book format. 
Spring Day Music
Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory on CD ROM features PDF and Video lessons. You can sample a set of free lessons to see if his style meets your needs. $59 or $88.97 if you'd also like a printed textbook.
Teoria Music Theory Web
Teoria Music Theory Web offers free tutorials, exercises, references, and articles on reading music, intervals, scales, and more. Becoming a member for $20 allows you to download the entire website to you own computer.
The Lesson Room
A free resource of "video lessons, worksheets, articles, gear tips, & more." While The Lesson Room doesn't provide a guided instruction set from beginner to advanced, there will likely be many resources here you will find valuable in your music lessons. Covers all instruments.