Screenshots captured from demo programs
Pianosoft 1
Step By Step Note Teacher. Main Exercise: Match note with either Piano Keyboard (onscreen), Alphabetic Note Name (C, D, E, etc.), or Syllabic Note Name (Do, Re, Mi, etc.)
Pianosoft 2
Step By Step Note Teacher: Supplementary Exercise. Learn rhythms.
Pinaosoft Finger 1
Piano Fingers Test & Exercise - Preschool Game to learn finger usage
Pianosoft Finger2
Piano Fingers Test & Exercise - Three exercises for learning finger usage on the Piano
Pianosoft Preschool 1
Musical Notes Preschool - Match the Notes.
When selected, the note plays and a pleasant voice states the note name.

Pianosoft Preschool 2
Musical Notes Preschool - 2nd Level adds the note position on a staff to the game
Pianosoft Preschool 3
Musical Notes Preschool - 3rd Level uses just the notes on the staff