HappyNote Software by Pascal Riben
Screenshots taken from downloaded demos
Sing n' Learn
Sing 'n Learn Screen
(Clicking the Largo - Allegro button opens a MIDI file that plays the tune. The student's job is to recite the note names as they are played)
Happy Note 2
Sheet Music Treble and Bass Clef Screen
(Student changes bottom note to correspond to note that is scrolling from right to left across the Staff, then shoots the note, while avoiding bombs.)
Play It By Ear
Play it by Ear game
Notes In Space
Notes In Space game (freeware)
(Change the spaceship to say whole, half, or quarter note (at this level 1) and then shoot the corresponding notes)
Tetris Notes
Tetris Happy Notes (Freeware)
(Move falling staff note to the appropriate column along the bottom, avoiding the bombs)
Breakout Note Cracker (Freeware)
(Move Elephant left and right across the bottom to keep the ball in the air, knocking out the rest notes above.)