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Last update: Oct 2009
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The purpose of these pages are to provide short articles and links to useful information about music tutor software, piano playing and more.

I was a drummer in high school and really regret not having learned the piano as well. While I can understand 16th notes, quarter notes, and so forth, I barely know an A from a C, or a Treble Clef from a Bass Clef. We have just purchased a piano, and our children have just started lessons.

Music Software: I starting looking for music software to supplement our children's piano lessons. There are quite a few programs available, and this article is an attempt to list many of them with a bit of information about what they do.

Music Software: click the title to read an article about various piano and music tutor software programs available 

Purchasing a Piano: I didn't know how hard it was to buy a piano until we started looking. Pianos can be purchased new anywhere from $2000 to well over $50,000! A "must have" resource is Larry Fine's The Piano Book. It provides tons of information on selecting and buying a piano and teaches much about how they work and what separates a good piano from the not-so-good. Remember, however, that the views are from one person (though ratings are based on interviews with lots of piano technicians). The bottom line should be that you purchase the piano that you like.

Buying A Piano.  Click the title to read a slightly in-depth article on buying a piano, and a short note on moving a piano.

Piano Education Page ( An excellent resource for all things Piano! Highly recommended.

Dulcimers:  We recently purchased a pair of Mountain Dulcimers, and took a few introductory lessons for our oldest son and my wife. The Dulcimer is a good instrument to start with, because it is fairly simple to play and is difficult to make it sound bad. Also, you can advance from playing "single" notes to learning chords and more complex playing styles. We purchased our Dulcimers at a local shop, which I would recommend if you can find one. Below are a few web sites with information about mountain Dulcimers: JCR Music: Jerry Rockwell's Mountain Dulcimer Page. Tips on purchasing, tuning, and more. Folkcraft Instruments: The brand of Dulcimer we purchased. Craggy Mountain Music: Features Dulcimers and other folk instruments by TK O'Brien.

Christian Music: We don't care for most of the Christian "pop" that's currently available. Most seems shallow. My wife's favorite artist is Twila Paris, who's words have inspired us both. The Sharon Singers, a Mennonite Choir, provide beautiful non-instrumental singing.