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The Magic Reference Pages

Last update: March 2016

These guides to Magic Trick References / Bibliographies are for informational purposes only. Nothing is for sale here.
For most effects, there is a reference/bibliography page, as well as an article or two about that effect.

Magic Reference Guide / Bibliography
Date Last
Date last

Benson Bowl
Mar 2015
No Article Yet

icon ball Billiard Ball Manipulation Nov 2009
No Article Yet

icon pence Cap and Pence/Stack of Quarters Sep 2015
No Article Yet

icon chop Chop Cup Mar 2015
Chop Cup Article Mar 2015
icon wallet Card to Wallet & Switching Wallets (Card to Wallet, Himber) Mar 2007
Card to Wallet Article May 2007
Coin Magic Reference Guide Mar 2007 Coin Wallets Guide Mar 2007
icon knife Color Changing Knives Nov 2009
Color Changing Knives Article

Casavalle Knives Article (New!)

R.D. Merrill Color Changing Knives Article
Nov 2015

Nov 2015

Dec 2006
icon cups Cups & Balls May 2007 Cups & Balls Article Mar 2015
icon page

Cups & Balls - Balls Article  Nov 2006
icon dice Dice Stacking Nov 2006 No Article Yet

icon egg Egg Bag Nov 2009
Egg Bag Article
Nov 2009
icon chain Endless Chain/Chain of Chance Jan 2011 Endless Chain Article
Jan 2011
icon lrings Linking Rings Sep 2011
Linking Rings Article Aug 2006
Money Magic
(bills/paper money only)
May 2007
No Article Yet
icon okito Okito Coin Boxes Feb 2007
Okito Coin Box Article

The Coin Cup
Feb 2007

Oct 2007

paul harris Paul Harris Reference Sep 2000 No Article

icon pen Pen Magic May 2005 Pen Through Dollar Article May 2003
icon ringflite Ring Flight Feb 2007
No Article Yet
icon ring string Ring and String Feb 2007
No Article Yet
icon sponge Sponge Balls May 2007
Article Coming Soon
icon thimble Thimbles Mar 2016
Thimble Magic Article Nov 2006
icon card Three Card Monte Feb 2007
Three Card Monte Article
Dec 2007
icon shell Three Shell Game Feb 2007
Three Shell Game Article
Dec 2007