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Reference Guide to

The Magic Egg Bag

(Books, Videos, Products)

egg bag

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Last Update : 11 Nov 09: Added Pete Biro's Eggs, Bags & Gags book!; Hilliard's Modern Magician's Handbook.
06 Nov 2009: Added Ayling's Oriental Conjuring and Magic; Haversat's Chanin Book; Anthony Braham's Ken Brooke's Magic Place book; Ken Brooke Unique Years book; Ganson's Art of Close Up Vol 2; Will Goldston's Tricks and Illusions; Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic; Eddie Joesph's Magic and Mysteries of India; Eric Lewis' Personal Magic Volume 1 CD; Trever Lewis' Close Up Lecture Notes and Trevor Lewis Uncut book; Frances Marshall's Kidstuff Vol 6; Meyer's Magic in the Modern Manner book; Steve Minch's NY Magic Symposium Vol 3 book; Tom Mullica's 1983 Hawaii Lecture; Robert Parrish's New Ways to Mystify; Scarne's Magic Tricks; Sisti's Magic Menu Years 1-5; Malcolm Yaffe's Paths to Enchantment; Jeff Hobson's Egg Bag Package (DVD, Bag, Eggs);
Bob White Presents the Malini Egg Bag DVD; Marc DeSouza's Master Works of Conjuring Vol 4 DVD; John Fedko's Hard Boiled Ultimate Egg Bag DVD and Bag; Brian Geer's Heavy Hitters DVD; Ace Greenberg's Jack Miller's Hold Out Miracles DVD; Martin Lewis Senor Martin Egg Bag and DVD products (Magikraft); Johnny Ace Palmer Trilogy DVD; Dan Tong Live DVD; Mark Wilson's Magic Circus Vol 3 (performance only); Abbott's Egg Bag; AmitiousCard (Frank Starsnic) Malini Egg Bag, Mikame's Egg Bag and MC Egg Bag Scarf, Pauline Tong's Egg Bags; Uday's Egg Bags;

The following is a partial list of books, videos/DVDs, and products relating to Egg Bags. Please note that the prices are estimates are not current. None of these items are for sale from this website, and some are likely no longer available. Please realize that this is not an exhaustive coverage of every Egg Bag reference, and you are encouraged to e-mail me with any additions.

Egg Bag Types:  There are essentially two types of egg bags, and many variations on these.

The Malini Egg Bag is made of lightweight silken material, usually in black, and uses a lightweight egg.

The Tarbell/Sterling/Albini/Mardo bags are usually made of a heavier material, such as felt, and use a heavy egg.

Books: (click on a highlighted title to view table of contents)

Ayling, Will: Knowing the Egg Bag. 1988, 34 pages. Excellent all around coverage of the Egg Bag and variants. Includes information and routines. $9

Ayling, Will: Oriental Conjuring and Magic. 1981 Supreme Magic. 384 pages. A lot of oriental magic including Bamboo Rods and Strings, The Indian Link Trick (Chinese Rings), Color Changing Sands, The Cups and Balls, The Ring on Wand, The Egg Bag, Snake Charming, The Rice Bowls, and much more.

Bagshawe, Edward: Proudlock's Egg Bag & Four Ace Presentation. Two classic routines with illustrations and full patter 27 pages. $10 (used, Micky Hades); also available as an e-book from

Bauer, Ron: Siamese Goose Egg Bag. #15 in Ron's Private Study Series. Comedy script in which the magician can produce an authentic Goose Egg, but not in the way he intended. For use with a Miller/Malini egg, blown egg, and a small lock box with a key on a long chain (you supply).

Behnke, Leo: Library of Magic #13: Egg Bag. 1991. 28 pages, paper. Decent high level coverage in a small book. About $4 Magic City

Bertram, Ross: Magic and Methods. 1978 Lee Jacob's Productions.163 pages, hardbound. Tons of Ross Bertram magic. Chapters 1 & 2 include 31 coin tricks, Chapters 3 & 4 are 8 card tricks and gambling sleights, Chapter 5 includes The Salt Trick, Bill in Cigarette, Bill Tear, Egyptian Ball, The Egg Bag, Ring in the Box, and more; Chapter 6 is on sleeving; and there are three more chapters!

Biro, Pete: Eggs, Bags & Gags. This volume contains bits, moves, gags and complete routines, including that of vaudevillian Judson Cole and the actual routine devised by Senor Mardo for the popular Mardo Egg Bag, which was taught to Pete by Mardo himself in the 1950s.Stevens Magic

Brahams, Anthony (Editor): Ken Brook's Magic Place. 1995 L&L Publishing, 302 pages. A great rememberance book, full of instruction sheets for many of Ken's procucts. Includes a section on the Malini Egg Bag.

Brooke, Ken et al: Ken Brooke and Friends on the Malini Egg Bag. 1974 Magic Inc., 21 pages. A lengthy treatise on the Malini Egg Bag with lots of detail and bits of business. Recommended for owners of the Malini style bag. $10

Brooke, Ken: Ken Brooke Unique Years. Supreme Magic, 1980. Hardbound. 222 pages. Covers the magic of Ken Brooke with chapters on Wisdom & Advice, Ken on Kards, Fun Magic, Things with Silks, Egg Bag, Linking Rings, Bottles and Bills, Coin Capers, Packet Tricks and Other Card Tricks, Sponges, The Ken Brooke Card Act, Ken's Favorites, Chop Cup, and Cups and Balls.

Busby, Jeff: Routines and Handling for the Sterling Egg Bag, with Chuck Smith's Routine. Spiral bound

Colucci, Donato: Encyclopedia of Egg Magic. Covers Natural Eggs, Imitation Eggs, Fekes & Gimmicks, Productions, Vanishes, Balancing Feats, The Egg Bag, Transpositions, Animations, Transformations, Miscellaneous Effects and Routines. 319 large pages containing more than 270 tricks and routines gathered from hundreds of sources. Over 490 illustrations by J.K. Schmidt. Hardbound. $60.00

Darbyshire, Lydia: The Magic Book. 1997, 224 pages. A nice large format introductory magic book. This book contains tons of information and high quality photos. Subjects cover linking rings, balls, cards, thimbles and much more. There are a few pages on the egg bag routine as well. About $20.

Elliot, Bruce: Classic Secrets of Magic. 266pp. Great instruction. Includes chapters on card revelations, water, paddle moves (knives), 4 Ace routines, Miser's Dream, Egg Bag, Chink-A-Chink, 2 billiard ball routines, ambitious cards, cups & balls (simple through gimmicked, and a Benson Bowl routine), and more.

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Magic Vol 2. 1996 L&L Pub, 286 pages. Includes The Egg Bag, which provides construction information on the bag, moves, and a full routine with a suggestion for producing multiple eggs from the bag.

Ganson, Lewis: Routined Manipulation Parts 1 & 2. 1976 D. Robbins (orig 1950), 251 pages. Cigarettes, coins, balls, thimbles, handkerchiefs, knives, cards, rope, and the egg bag. Egg Bag routine uses two bags and a silk, but the ideas can certainly be adapted. $12

Goldston, Will: Tricks & Illusions. 1908, over 250 pages. Book contains three sections: Tricks, Escapes, and Illusions. The Tricks section contains one page on The Chinese Egg Bag. Available from as an e-book.

Haversat, David: Chanin, the Man With the Magic Hands. 1878 Press Company, Hardbound, 430 pages, 2002. Includes the life story of Jack Chanin, and reprints of the magic pamphlets that he created through the years. Includes: Seven In One, Hello Sucker (three shell game), Cigar Manipulations, Silks at Your Fingertips, Handle with Gloves, Encyclopedia of Sleeving, Jack's Rip-It (impromptu torn and restored bill), Mesh Egg Bag (invented by Chanin), and more.

Hay, Henry: Amateur Magician's Handbook. 1950 (orig), 382 pages. Includes a brief introduction to the Egg Bag, its construction, and basic routine. Further enhancements are referred to Hay's Learn Magic or Hugard's Modern Magic Manual.

Hay, Henry: Learn Magic. 1947, various formats, 281 pages. Good introductory information on the egg bag. Includes a "standard" routine and an egg production routine.

Hilliard, William John: Modern Magician's Handbook. 1902. Card Tricks, Coin Tricks, Tricks With Watches and Rings, Tricks with Handkerchiefs, etc. Includes Chapter XI The Cups and Balls (21 pages); Chapter XII Ball Tricks Requiring Special Apparatus; The Chinese Rings, The Famous Egg and Bag Trick, and more.

Hoffmann, Professor: Modern Magic. Published in 1877 with over 500 pages, this classic of magic contains chapters on the Cups and Balls, Hat Magic, many more. The section on Miscellaneous Tricks includes The Egg Bag. This article described briefly the "Japanese" style egg bag, which is like our modern versions, and the large, 20" wide egg bag more common (apparently) in the 1800's. Includes some general routining ideas.

Hugard, Jean: Modern Magic Manual. Includes Egg Bag.

Joseph, Eddie: Magic and Mysteries of India. Published around 1940, this 75 page book on Indian Magic. Includes a Hindu Presentation of the Egg Bag.

Lewis, Eric: Personal Magic Volume 1. Eric Lewis' Personal Notebooks now archived in CD Form (over 300 pages). Contains tons of notes and magic. Includes an Egg Bag Routine by Proudlock.

Lewis, Trevor: Close Up Lecture Notes. 24 pages, paper. Covers 18 effects including Chop Cup, Mirror Deck, Malini Egg Bag w, Golf Sponge Ball routine, Cup and Dice, Coins in Tumbler, Coin Assembly, Monte Plus, and more.

Lewis, Trevor: Uncut The Complete Party Pieces. 270 Pages. Trevor's professional children's magic developed over 20 years. Includes items such as: The Breakaway Wand, George Blake's The Silver Sceptre, Twentieth Century Minus, Missmade Flag, The Clatter Box, Children's Chop Cup, The Beads or Prussia, Fez Egg Bag, Put Some Life Into Your Die Box, and many more.

Magicnook: The Ungimmicked Egg Bag Routine. All the directions for doing the Egg Bag with an ungimmicked bag are here! Also, includes the "endless" production of real eggs; a Chef Hat & Apron paper tear from Wiz Kid Eleazar Goodenough; the  gooey-mess-on-the-kid's head that-turns-into-a-bouquet of spring-flowers; and two magic oven props to build (one to produce a six foot high inflatable birthday cake, and a smaller table-top version to produces a real birthday cake complete with instant self-lighting candles on top). e-book. $5.

Mardo, Senor: Routined Magic. 1945 Max Holden. 29pg. Includes: Marlo's Egg Bag Routine using a Sterling Bag, Glass Mystery almost impromptu 1 cup & ball routine, Homing Ball (Ball & Cone), Shaker Penetration: coin thru handkerchief, Mardo's Cups & Balls (uses standard cups & 4 balls), some Cups & Balls sleights, a 1 to 4 thimble routine with streamer climax, a thimble acquitment, hints on rice bowl gimmick, coin rattle box, crystal casket, and more.

Marshall, Frances: Kidstuff Volume 6. Magic Inc. Over 500 pages. Includes Egg Bag and Lota Routine, and Condensed Chicken, which is a combo Chalk Talk and Egg Bag routine using a Chicken Egg Bag.

Martyn, Topper: Toppers Mad Mad Magic. Includes comedy routines for multiplying bottles, egg bag, playing cards, and more. $10

Meyer, Orville Wayne: Magic in the Modern Manner. 1949, 184 pages. Chapters include Card magic, Mentalism, Novel Magic, Children's Specials, Catching a Bullet, The Chinese Linking Rings, The Cups and Balls. The chapter on Children's Specials includes treatment of the Egg Bag.

Miller, Charlie: Malini Egg Bag Routine. From Magic Inc. $5 alone or $30 with bag.

Minch, Stephen & Adam Fleischer: The New York Magic Symposium Collection Volume Three. 1984, 135 pages. Includes magic by Bro. John Hamman, David Roth, Jeff McBride, and much more. Includes an Egg Bag Finale glass and beer production by Tom Mullica.

Mishel, Ed: Hold Out Miracles. 64pg. (Note, not all effects require use of holdout) Attaching the holdout, devices, Jack Miller Rope Cut, Vanishing Knife, Ball Silk and Wand Routine, Jack Miller's Egg Bag Routine, Cash Transport, Poosha Da Poosh, Blooming Flowers, Squash, Ben Kleinman Routines, Sliding Knots and Mysterious Ball, Ball Though Silk and Trumpet, Three versions of Cups and Balls, Three Card Transposition, Coin Holdout, Salt-O-Matic and Vanishing Birdcage. Denny & Lee's

Mullica, Tommy: It's Show Time at the Tom Foolery. Features comedy egg bag routine. $45

Mullica, Tom: Lecture Booklet Hawaii '83. 24 pages. Contains Cards, Coins, Sight Gags, and Great Endings for: Victor's 11 Card Trick, The Egg Bag, Christ's Four Ace Routine, Dice Stacking, and Torn & Restored Card.

Novak, John: The Egg Bag Book. Covers history, the types, and the performers. Includes routines, lines, moves, handling and so forth. $19.95

Parrish, Robert: New Ways to Mysify. 1945, 124 pages. Thirty tricks that can be performed without elaborate equipment or difficult skill. Incluces The Egg Bag.

Racherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams, Marlo without cards. 67 effects with coins, bills, cups and balls, silks, mentalism, dice, linking pins, sponge balls, chop cup and more. Includes State-Street Cups & Balls, Chop Cup to the Max (three Chop Cups!), Tea for Three impromptu cups & balls, Three Ring Classic 3 Linking Ring routine, and Egg Bagatelle egg bag routine. Hardbound. 100 pages. $40

Riser, Harry: Secrets of an Escamoteur. Includes: The Malini Egg Bag; Charlie Miller's methods for breaks, double turnover, spread force and second deal; Baffling Card Magic - 45 Riser sleights, tricks and routines; The Riser Rings - linking rings using three rings. Hardcover 247 pages.

Scarne, John: Scarne's Magic Tricks. 1951, 256 pages. Lots of beginner magic with several gems hidden in the pages. Includes The Magic Bag - how to make an Egg Bag with a basic routine.

Sisti, Jim: The Magic Menu - The First Five Years. 1998 L&L Publishing. Compilation of Sisti's The Magic Menu magazine produced for restaurant and strolling magicians. Includes Walk Around Malini Egg Bag by Dan Tong (with an optional glass of liquid production)

Tarbell, Harlan and Steve Burton: Tarbell Companion. Volume 8 was based on this work. Principles of Card Palming and Shifts, Egg Bag, Rabbit from Silk, Cross Illusion, Elusive Hindu, Phantom Flight, Selbit Sawing, One Person Sub Trunk, Doll House Illusion, Suggested show Routines, and more. $20

Tarbell, Harlan, Course in Magic Volume 2. 1927, 416 pages. Magic with Wands, Coins, Cigarettes, Cards, Rising Cards (17 methods), Tarbell Egg Bag, Billiard Balls, Handkerchief, ropes, and more. The egg bag section is an excellent introduction. $25

Tarbell, Harlan: Course In Magic Volume 5. 1927, 417 pages. Lesson 60 includes discussion of Malini Egg Bag as opposed to the Albini bag and provides some ideas, but not a full routine. Lesson 68 includes Bamberg's Egg Bag, which was a large Scotch egg bag to produce 15 eggs and a chicken!

Thompson, J.G.: My Best. Includes two egg bag routines: One is poem form, the other is the Tommy Windsor Egg Bag routine

Yaffe, Malcolm: Paths to Enchantment. Hermetic Press, hardbound, 255 pages.. How to improve your children's magic. Presents a blueprint for how to present high quality magic for children. Also includes many examples of these principles put to work, including: Forgetful Freddie, The Egg Bag, The Linking Rings, The Chair Suspension, and many more.


Carney, John: Up Close & Far Away. Performance only w/Miser's Dream Cards, Egg Bag, and more. $30

Cellini: Magic That Can be Performed Anywhere DVD. Includes The Loop Ball, The Salt Pour, Joe Karson's Chinese Egg Bag, The Devil's Handkerchief, Fred Kap's Vanish and recovery of Four Coins, and The Gypsy Thread
(Street Style)

DeSouza, Marc: Master Works of Conjuring, Volume 4. Fully routined and scripted presentations right out of Marc's performing repertoire and used to entertain lay audiences all over the world.Volume 4 is The History of Magic Through Performance, and includes full explanations of The Cups and Balls, Cut and Restored Rope, Egg Bag, Everywhere and Nowhere, The Linking Rings and The Hydrostatic Glass.$34.95

Dobson, Wayne: Dobson's Choice - TV Stuff #2 DVD. Another compilation of TV clips from Wayne's hit TV series 'A Kind of Magic'. Includes Pyramid; Coin in Bottle; Silk in Cigarette; Egg Bag; Passage of Time; Amazing Tale; Ringo Rabbit; Invisible Deck; Sam Shovel; Bonus Footage; Sawing in Half; Banana Drama; 1 hr 3 min. $25

Fedko, John: School of Magic V1, Classics of Magic. Chinese Linking Rings, Chinese Sticks, Chinese Egg Bag, Multiplying Balls, Cut & Restored Hanky, Ultra Mentalism $30

Geer, Brian: Heavy Hitters DVD. Over two hours of magic including a sponge ball routine (with production, color change, size change, jumbo coin, and a return of the spectator's watch!); borrowed bill to bag of chips; and an egg bag routine featuring a production of a full glass of water completely surrounded. $30

Ginn, David: Live Kidbiz (with book). Live performance video and book. Includes Red Plaid Egg Bag. $45

Greenberg, Ace: Jack Miller's Hold Out Miracles DVD. Meir Yedid Magic. Alan Greenberg teaches his rendition of several of Jack Miller's routines using the Hold Out. Includes The Ball, Silk And Wand Routine; The Jack Miller Egg Bag Routine; and The Sensational Rope Cut, as well as how to improvise a hold out. Also includes archival footage of Jack Miller including his Egg Bag routine. $34.95

Haney, Denny: Denny and Lee Performance Video. Live performance at the Wells Theater in Norfolk, Virginia during the mid-nineties. Features performance only of: Hindu Basket, Torn & Restored Newspaper, Malini Egg Bag, Girl on Sword Suspension, Card Manipulations, Razor Blades, Multiplying Bottles, and the Canvas Covered Box Illusion. 55 minutes DVD $25

Harlan, Dan: Pack Small, Play Big - The All Purpose Show (DVD). L&L Publishing. Includes Starcle (circle torn from napkin changes into a star); Hold It, Buster! (jumbo card Monte routine); C&R rope (cut and restored); Tee Bag (egg bag - production routine); Herman (the multiplying balls); Ring Master (linking rings up close); Lester (miser's dream); Mine & Yours (money!); It's Not the Size (growing and shrinking wand). $35

Hobson, Jeff: Jeff Hobson Live! A-1 Multimedia. Performance only of Egg Bag routine. Also teaches Silk to Apple/Vanishing Wand, Balloon Bag, Cigarette Stuff, The Watch Steal. $30 A-1 Multimedia

Hobson, Jeff: The Hobson Egg Bag: This is the complete package with Jeff's Egg Bag, 2 specially designed eggs, and an instructional DVD. This is Jeff's variation of the Malini Bag style, with the lining of a different color than the outside of the bag. $149 (listed also in products section below). Jeff Hobson's Egg Bag.

Lewis, Martin: Senor Martin Egg Bag DVD. In this video, Martin Lewis explains his affinity for the Senor Mardo Egg Bag (as opposed to the Malini style) and several uses for this great piece of magic. $19.95

Lewis, Trevor: The Magic of Trevor Lewis DVD. Lecture, taped live at Mark Leveridge’s 3rd British Close-Up Magic Symposium. Includes: Trevor’s Opening - icebreaker; Arm Gag; Tap Top water production from fist; Cigarette Prediction; Broken and Restored Eye Glasses (borrowed); Card On Tie; Paper-Clipped Card; Trevor’s Card Force; Second Dealing broken into easy-to-master steps; Trevor’s Ace Location Routine (using the 2nd Deal); One-At-A-Time Ace Assembly with Kicker; Coin Matrix using four coins but just two cards; Egg Bag Routine (Malini); Chop Cup with table hopping advice; Razor Blades become magically strung on a length of thread.

McComb, Billy: Greater Magic V30. Serpent Silk, Dove Production, Half Dyed Hank, Himber Ring, Gypsy Thread, Six Card Repeat, Seven Corner Hank, Credit Card in Wallet, Whiskey Egg Bag

Miller, Charlie: Greater Magic V18. Paper Mystery (Perf), Malini Egg Bag (Perf), Four Deuce Trick, Hanky Knots, Hat Trick, Mutilated Parasol (perf), Floating Pencil, Balls in Net

Miller, Charlie and Johnny Thompson: Greater Magic V29: Charlie Miller Cups & Balls: Hindu Cups, Chinese Cups Egg Bag Segment w/Charlie Miller Routine, Johnny Thompson routine, Cards: Audley Walsh Dream Deck, Up the Ladder, Pull Out Shuffle, Vernon's One Helluva Card Trick

Mullica, Tommy: Greater Magic V19: 4 Cards, Bill Tear, Torn & Restored Card, Gozinta Boxes & Gum, Egg Bag, Cig & Napkins (perf), Card in Mouth, A.E.R.O.B.I.C. (explained only)

Palmer, Johnny Ace: Trilogy of Magic 2 DVD Set. Includes Develop an Award Winning Act; 8 Ball Production; Coke Bottle Production; Coin In Eye; The Egg Bag (fast paced for table hopping); Too Fast!; Three Magic Scarves; Vanishing Bobby Pin, Sleight of Hand Scotch and Soda, and more.

Quick Tricks Series: The Egg Bag $11.95.

Smith, Samuel Patrick: The Magic Ingredient: Funny Magic to Make You a Kid-Show Celebrity. VHS Video. 1995; 60 minutes. SPS Publications. Contents: Crayons to Scarf; The Crystal Tube; Multiplying Billiard Balls; The Imagination Cap; The Shrinking Glove; Headband Blendo; The Egg, the Bag, and the Magic Hat; Nest of Boxes; Puff the Magic Rabbit

Smith, Samuel Patrick: The Magic Ingredient and Kidology DVD. The Magic Ingredient provides info on successful kid shows, including performance and teaching of Crayons to scarf, The Crystal Tube, Multiplying Billiard Balls, The imagination Cap, The shrinking Glove, Headband blendo, The egg, the bag, and the magic hat, Nest of boxes, and Puff the magic rabbit. Kidology provides more kid magic including The invisible flying silk scarf, Soft Soap, Portable Beach Balls, Cut and restored rope,  Monster hat, Commercials and Jokes. $35

Steven's Magic Emporium: Egg Bag Teach In: Part of the Greater Magic Video Library. Includes: Martin Lewis and the Senor Mardo Egg Bag, Tom Mullica's Comedy Egg Bag, Billy McComb's Whisky Egg Bag, and discussion with Charlie Miller and Johnny Thompson on the Malini Egg Bag. First available on VHS in the late 1990's, DVD Release 2005. DVD $29.95

Tong, Dan: Dan Tong Finally! 50 Years of Magic Volume 2 DVD. Includes Malini Egg Bag (in three phases with glass production); Chop Cup (short, fast routine); Card on the Ribbon; Thompson’s Aces; Ropes (routine with cut and restored, Professor's Nightmare, three to one restoration); and Jack (an old trick). 78 Minutes. $35

Tong, Dan: Dan Tong Live by Dan Tong and Kozmo Magic DVD. Includes Jimmy Ray Paper Tear, Egg Bag (Performance Only), 5 Card Mental Test, Rope Routine, Hat Tear (performance only); Bill to Wallet; Linking Paper Rings; 4th Eye; Revised Big Surprise, and more. 3 hours.

White, Bob: Bob White Presents the Malini Egg Bag DVD. Bob teaches the techniques, management and psychology of the Egg Bag. 1hr 10 min. DVD. $49.95

Wilson, Mark: Mark Wilson Magic Circus DVD Vol 3&4. Performance only videos of the famous Magic Circus Shows. Some of the effects performed in these volumes include The Professor's Nightmare, The Egg Bag, Paper to Bills, a Billiard Ball Manipulation act with his then 6-year old son Greg, and lots of stage effects. $25


Abbott's: Abbott's Egg Bag: These bags feature Abbott's own design and "are the easiest working bags available" according to their catalog. Each comes with a routine featuring a sucker gag. $10. Abbott's also sells an egg holder that can be attached to your jacket, and other egg related items that could be incorporated into an act. Abbott's Magic

Ambituious Card (Frank Starsnic):
Malini Style Egg Bag. In red or black. Includes a specially designed indicator to help the magician orient the bag, which is especially helpful in dim light. Comes with either Ron Bauer's Siamese Goose Eggbag routine or an Egg-Actly Egg. $59

Bazar de Magia
: Malini Egg Bag. Includes realistic wooden egg, step by step photo instructions, black soft rugged loose material "Malini"-style egg bag, plus Trevor Lewis' "Sunday Egg" routine. $24.99

Crosewl Magic: Deluxe Devil's Hank. Not really an Egg Bag, but a useful addition for an Egg Bag act. Specially gimmicked handkerchief to vanish or switch objects. This model has two compartments for multiple object switches without coming into contact with each other. Upper corners have "feelers" sewn in to aid handling. 18" square, with an old world style map print. No instructions. $33 Crosewl Magic

Eggs: Various. Most magic shops will carry various wooden, plastic, and sometimes even real (hollowed) eggs for use with the Egg Bag. Some examples:
Eggsactly Eggs are made from real eggs but emptied and hardened and available in small, medium, and large size.
Alan Wong's Sponge Egg $5

Funtime Magic
: Funtime Magic of India makes a variety of egg bags (see also Uday). Funtime Magic
Hen Bag. Starts as a normal egg bag effect with a small black bag and an egg. At the climax, the bag transforms into a comical black, white, red and yellow hen puppet, more than twice as large as the normal bag.
Jurassic Egg Bag. Similar to the Hen Bag, but larger and more colorful. Green bag transforms into a large dinosaur puppet. With bag, egg, and instructions
Production Egg Bag. Looks similar to a regular egg bag, but allows 5 eggs to be produced from the bag. One corner of the bag has a diagonally cut hole fitted with a transparent net. The bag is held in one hand, and with a little shake an egg appears inside that is visible through the netted hole. The egg is removed and put on the table over a plate. The moves are repeated and another egg" appears. Similarly, three more eggs are produced. You get the detailed instructions and the specially constructed bag, with five plastic eggs. 
Regular Egg Bag. No details on construction or material. Comes with bag, egg, and basic instructions.
Ultimate Egg Bag. Similar to regular egg bags, but with a clear net front, allowing the egg to be visible at all times.
Zipper Egg Bag. Much like a normal egg bag, but the zipper on the bottom can be opened to form a tube, showing the bag "really" empty. With bag, egg, and routine.

Fabric Manipulation (Lynetta Welch) Silk Legacy Malini Egg Bag. Creation from Max Malini, improved by Charlie Miller and perfected by Johnny Thompson. Made from the "perfect" silk fabric of ideal weight and thickness, enabling the egg to slide easily, yet allowing for minimal "bulge." 7" wide x 8" long. $88 FabricManipulation

Fedko, John: Hard Boiled Ultimate Egg Bag DVD and Props. (also listed in Video Section above). John Fedko teaches a comedy routine (with sucker portion) suitable for a single person or a large audience. Includes a 20 minute DVD and an Egg Bag. Magic City

Hobson, Jeff:
The Hobson Egg Bag: This is the complete package with Jeff's Egg Bag, 2 specially designed eggs, and an instructional DVD. This is Jeff's variation of the Malini Bag style, with the lining of a different color than the outside of the bag. $149 (listed also in video section above). Jeff Hobson's Egg Bag.

Ickle Pickle Tarbell Egg Bag. Resembles a Mardo egg bag with high pocket placement. Pocket is heat sealed.Also, the
Climax Egg Bag
. I'm not positive but I believe this is the one where at the end of the routine, the bag is unfolded into a cloth chicken!

Lewis, Martin: Senor Mardo Egg Bag. The Senor Mardo Egg bag as featured in Martin Lewis' DVD, and sewn by Gladys Lewis. Martin Lewis states, "I believe them to be the most practical and deceptive egg bag available."

Magic Inc.: Malini Egg Bag: The classic black silken egg bag. Ken Brooke has written an excellent book on this bag (see book references). Prices range from $20 - $35 Magic Inc.

Mikame Egg Bag by Mikame: The Mikame bag is of the Malini style, at least in materials, being made as a drawstring bag of super soft, pliable cloth. The cloth is patterned for deception. Includes a lacquered, blown egg. $35. Mikame also makes a clever MC Egg Bag Scarf designed for use by MC's (show hosts)! Mikame Magic

Neilsen Magic: Abdul's Fez. This is an egg bag in the form of a Fez Hat. I have one, and it is great. The Neilsen wooden eggs are great also. $30.00 Neilsen Magic (click for image: Abdul's Fez)

S.S. Adams Egg Bag: I don't know what this is made of, but cost is cheap at only $4.

Steven's Magic: Senor Mardo Egg Bag. This is a well made Sterling type bag with some differences. Heat sealed pocket. It comes highly recommended. $32.50 Martin Lewis Home Page; or Steven's Magic

Sterling Egg Bag. Wool plaid cloth. $25

Tarbell Egg Bag. Plaid material. $15-$20

Tirofog, Inc.: Eggs-Actly Blown Eggs. These eggs are real eggs that are internally coated for durability. They are available in a variety of sizes including small, medium, large, extra-large, and jumbo. The solid eggs are intended for Egg Bag routines, but they are also available with a hole to be used for the Egg-To-Silk production routines.$12.50 Tirofog, Inc.

Tong, Pauline: Tarbell Egg Bags; Malini Egg Bag. Maker of high quality Tarbell Egg Bags with a fully stitched pocket $25, and a traditional silky smooth Malini Egg Bag $

Tannen's Magic: Transparent Egg Bag: A net bag allows the bag to be seen into, yet an egg can still appear. $15 Tannen's Magic

Uday: Egg Bag Deluxe, Ultimate, and Zipper: Uday Magic (India) manufactures three different Egg Bags (see also Funtime Magic of India). The Deluxe is a plaid cloth bag. The Uday catalog states, "the secret is so well hidden it can be done close-up." The Ultimate Egg Bag has a fine mesh nylon net on one side (black on the other) so the egg can be seen when it is dropped in the bag. Yet the egg still vanishes when desired. Finally, Uday also makes a Zipper egg bag, in which the bottom can be opened by a zipper so the bag can be viewed empty all the way through. About $6 each. Uday's Magic World

Various: Chinese Egg Bag. This is an inexpensive straw mat. The mat is folded in half, and an egg dropped in. The egg disappears, but can be removed from the mat whenever desired. In the versions that I am familiar with, the mat is not gimmicked, but rather the egg. About $4.

Viking Mfg. Co.: Malini Egg Bag. Viking's description states in part, "You will delight in the quality of the stitching, the luxurious feel of the wrinkle-resistant black material and the precise nature of our design which makes this bag work right EVERY TIME!" 7.5x8.25"; does not come with an egg (Malini bags use a blown egg). 

Windsor, Tommy: Golden Egg Bag. No description available. $20. Listed at Lee Jacob's Productions