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Coin Purses

Last Update: 09 March 2007

Now that you have all those coins for your routines, how do you carry and/or store them all?


Cole: Joe: Magical Mystries of Joe Cole. Features Micro Purses perfect for the wooden cigar production (in white or black). Also a small coin purse with external clasp for carrying half dollars. Also sells English Pennies and of course, Joe Cole's MicroEconomics (routines for the MicroPurse). Joe Cole

Onosaka, Ton: Coin Purse. Ton Onosaka makes high quality coin purses in three sizes. Made of fine leather.

Rubinstein, Michael: Coin purses. New York Coin Magic
Italian Hand Made Leather Lined Coin Purses. Black, Gray, or Bordeaux, handmade. $20 each, two for $35
Rubinstein Ultimate Rattle Purse: magnetic properties, with DVD. $50 or $65 with duplicate normal purse (in black only)