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Reference Guide

to The Multiplying Balls and

Ball / Billiard Ball Manipulation

Vernet Multiplying Balls

Compiled by Doug A e-mail: magicref (at)

Last update: 10 Nov 2009: Added Books: Roy Baker's Yell-Up for Kids; John Bannon's Smoke & Mirrors; Arthur Buckley's Principles and Deceptions; Buffaloe'd the Magic of Jim Buffaloe book; Busby/Skinner Intimate Magic; Marc DeSouza's The Art of Artiface lecture; Nelson Downs The Art of Magic; Friedhoffer's The Magic Show (children's book); Peter Gloviczki's Lecture Notes 1971 and 1985; Will Goldston's Tricks and Illusions book; Henry Gross' Pure Magic book; Henry Hay's Learn Magic book; Hatton & Plate's Magician's Tricks; Hilliard's Modern Magician's Handbook; Hoffmann's Later and More Magic books; The Magic of Hofzinser; Burling Hull's Sleights; Charles Jordan's Ten New Miscellaneous Tricks; Kaufman's Collected Almanac; Neil Charles Lang's The Modern Conjurer; LaRue/Spangler's Bouncing Back; Chad Long's Some Other Stuff notes; Lorayne's Apocalypse Vol 2 and Vol 4 books; Howard Lyons Ibidem; Ron MacMillan's Symphony of the Spheres (how did I miss this one?!); Frances Marshall's Kidstuff Vol 6 book; McComb Comes Home book; Minch's NY Symposium 5; Nathanson's Slydini Encores; Racherbaumer's Legacy of Don Alan book; Racherbaumer's Arcade Dreams book; Roterberg's Latter Day Tricks and The Modern Wizard books; Samuel Patrick Smith's Big Laughs for Little People; Stanyon's Magic; Starke's Stars of Magic book; Tom Stone's Deserting the Legion; Tarbell Vol 7 and Vol 8; Tarr's Second Now You See It Now You Don't; J.G. Thompson's Miracle Makers;
Videos: Scott Alexander's 10 O'Clock Show; Colombini's Cone-Tact DVD; Levent's Ultimate Guide to the Billiard Balls 3 DVD Set; Mark DeSouza's Master Works of Conjuring Vol 1 DVD;  Disk Losander's A Day with Salvano DVD; George Millward's Instructional Ball & Cone Video; Miracle Factory's Mystic Craig's Camera DVD; Bob Sheets Does Hospitality DVD Vol 3; Mark Wilson's Magic Circus DVD;
Products: Collector's Workshop Billiard Ball Stand; Colombini's Cone-Tact; Goodway Magic's Ball Dropper; Lynetta Welch's Ball Holder, George Millward's Cone; Additional Fakini products; Additional Funtime Magic products; Morrissey Magic's Crochet Multiplyiing Balls; Owen Magic Supreme Sets; Starsinic's Ball & Cone props; Vernet's Multiplying Soap Bubbles; Viking Manufacturing Unique Ball Holder; Super Magic's Gorilla Grip Ball; Funtastic Magic's Dream Multiplying Silicon Balls (DMSB; with DVD); added a few other sources for Bounce No-Bounce balls, also known as Vise Versa Balls, Decision Balls, and Happy Sad Balls if you're doing an Internet Search.

The following is a list of books, videos/DVDs, and products that contain references to magic related to ball manipulation. This includes the Multiplying Billiard Balls, Billiard Ball Manipulation, Ball and Cone, and manipulation of other balls such as the Bounce/No Bounce balls, the 3 ball trick, and so forth. It doesn't include works such as the Ball in Glass, and spongeball magic is covered in a separate reference guide.

Please note that none of these items are for sale from this web site. This page is for informational purposes only. Prices are estimates only and are not current. Many items are likely no longer available. 

Click on a book title to view a full contents listing (where available). Click on a magic dealer to go to the magic links page.


Abbott's Magic: Perpetual Balls. A Three Ball routine in the hands. Abbotts

Alan, Don: Pretty Sneaky. 48 pages. Close-up tricks with cards, nails, coins, pins, flash string, a lump of coal, and more. $8.00 Magic Inc.

Archer, Danny: Three Ball Routine $10/$25 w/net). 6 page manuscript with "superball" type balls. From Danny Archer.

Archer, Danny: Working Alone Lecture Notes. Includes 1) Balls - fast paced stand up sleight of hand with small rubber balls. 2) Copper Silver Shuffle - clean, visual copper/silver two coin routine. 3) Archer Shuffle - full deck, stand up, in the hands false shuffle. 4) Play it by Ear - impromptu with a borrowed coin and pencil. 5) Quiz Show - card trick story revolving around game shows. 6) Point it Out - see fingerprints on the backs of cards 7) Mental Monopoly - stand up mental effect using Monopoly. 8) Out Foxed - incredible card effect. $10 Danny Archer

Baker, Roy: Yell Up For Kids. 6 page manuscript of a Billiard Ball routine intended for Children's audiences.

Bannon, John: Smoke & Mirrors. 1991 164 pages. Great magic to include Trick Shot Production (billiard ball produced from a card box) and Single Bullet Theory (production of an 8-ball sized ball bearing).

Bertram, Charles: The Court Conjuror. Biography With Bertram's Greatest Tricks Explained- Edwin A Dawes. 360 page oversize. Includes 4 Ace tricks, Cups & Balls, Cards to Pocket, Diminishing Cards, Sands of the Desert, Flag Production, Multiplying Billiard Balls, and more. $60. Hank Lee's Magic Factory

Brown, Ed: Feints and Temps of Harry Riser. Eight coins: cap & quarters, Mexican jumping coins, close up miser, 2 coin interlude, purse swindle, purse jam, coin box, golf ball, billiard ball, ball & cone, Unique cups & balls, hornswaggled, walnuts & glass, and many cards. 270pg hardbound $45.00

Buffaloe, Jim: Buffaloe'd The Magic of Jim Buffaloe. 1998 223 pages, hardcover. Includes Sudden Impact, a full routine for the multiplying Gold Balls.

Buckingham, Geoffery: Easier Than You Think Vol 1-3. Fine coverage of Billiard ball work. Vol 1: balls & coins, 17 items in 74 pages; Vol 2: more coin & ball work, loading and stealing, and a chapter on thimbles in 74 pages. Vol 3: 12 cards to pocket, card stab, gypsy thread, rising cig, blondin ball, plus more billiard ball in 104pg $8.00 each. Magic Inc.

Buckley, Arthur: Principles and Deceptions. 1948, 222 pages. Chapters on Principles of Magic, Magic with Coins, Magic with Cards, Magic With Billiard Balls.

Busby, Jeff: Michael Skinner's Intimate Magic. 1982, 37 pages. Coins, Cards, and more. Includes Bewildering Ball Vase.

Caveney, Mike: Ideas. Impromptu Linking Coathangers; Silk and Ball Transposition; Triple Penetration: Bag-it (Topit); Flying Deuces; The Toilet Tissue Issue (torn and restored); Corinda's Powers of Darkness done with Coathangers. 30 pages. $7.50 Hank Lee's Magic Factory.

Colombini, Aldo: The Close-Up Magic Of Aldo Colombini. 180pg. 60 effects with cards, coins, cups and balls, ring & rope, Okito coin box, and billiard ball production and including: Never Say Dice, Four Card Display, Ace-embly, Hiccup Coins, Super Link (rubber bands), Hopping Cups and Balls (short routine suitable for table hopping), Back and Forth Sandwich (cards) plus many more. $30 L&L Publishing

Colombini, Aldo: Cone-Tact. Book. Aldo Colombini's treatment of the Ball & Cone, complete with cardboard cone and three balls, manuscript with 35 illustrations by Tony Dunn. (also listed in Products section, and a DVD exists as well) $10 WildColombini.

Colombini, Aldo: Get the Ball Rolling. Get The Ball Rolling. Stand up no table required version of 3 ball routine. Comes with booklet and balls. $12.00. L&L Publishing

Darbyshire, Lydia: The Magic Book. A beginner's book covering many classic areas: Egg Bag, Unequal Ropes (Professor's Nightmare), Ring Off Ropes, Cards: Shuffles, the pass, palming, producing, throwing, Thimbles: producing, vanishing (3 pages), Balls: palming, vanishing (4 pages), Cigarettes: producing (4 pages), Coins: (2 pages), Forcing Cards (11 pages), Multiplying Balls (2 pages), Cups & Balls, Chinese Linking Rings, etc. Around $20.

Daryl: New Millennium World Tour Lecture. $20. 24 pages, large format. Enchanted Cube, Fusion Illusion, Eight Card Brainwave 2000, Dicey Dots, Ultimate Ambition Improved, Dish A Licious, Bounce Across, Presto Attracto Card II, Daryl Color Changing Knives. Contact Daryl.

DeSouza, Marc: The Art of Artiface. 1995, 22 pages. Lecture notes include Ballero (one ball manipulation routine); Ring Rhapsody (Linking Ring Routine); Twin Transpo Times Two (Card to Wallet With Kicker); and more.

Dornfield, Werner: Dorny on Tricks. Music, restored paper, growth of real flowers, billiard ball to hank, enchanted fruit, wand and card stand, total of 15 tricks with no sleight of hand. $6.00 Magic Inc.

Downs, Thomas Nelson: The Art of Magic. 1906, 352 pages. Classic magic. In addition to lots of card and coin magic, includes chapters on Tricks with Eggs, Tricks with Balls, and Miscellaneous Tricks.

Elliot, Bruce: Classic Secrets of Magic. Revealing selected cards, Multiplying pipes, Water tricks, paddle tricks, four ace tricks, Miser's Dream, Egg Bag, Billiard ball routines (2), cups & balls (including Benson Bowl) and more.

Elliot, Dr. James W: Card Tricks & Conjuring. Card magic, but magic with balls, flowers, livestock, and Illusions. $12.50 Hank Lee.

Friedhoffer, Bob: The Magic Show A Guide for Young Magicians. 1994, 80 pages. This nice children's book includes Bounceless: making your own Bounce-No-Bounce balls from "Pinky" balls.

Funtime Magic (Calcutta, India): Multiplying Balls Tutor Booklet. Covers the basic moves for the multiplying balls, including palming, vanishes, transfers, use of ball holders, etc. Includes an easy and an advanced routine, as well as a list of references. 24 pages.

Ganson, Lewis: The Art of Close Up Magic Volume 2. 1996, 286 pages. Great close-up magic including Rink's One Cup Two Balls Chop cup routine, Bennett on Coins, and much more. Master Move for the Homing Ball is a move (not a routine) for use with the Ball & Cone.

Ganson, Lewis: The Dai Vernon Book of Magic. 1994. 239 pages. Includes A Chinese Classic (coins thru table); Three Ball Transposition (3 ball routine with net); The Linking Rings (several moves described); Seven Card Monte; The Cups & Balls (a must study); and much more.

Ganson, Lewis: Routined Manipulation Parts I & II. Excellent manipulative magic manual. Contains among many other items: Koran Torn & Restored Newspaper, Multiplying lighted candles, walnut shells and pea, Ken Brooke's Cups and Balls routine, color changing pocket knife, Thimble manipulation, Cap and pence, and a chapter on Modern Billiard Ball Manipulation.

Garcia, Frank: Garcia on Billiard Balls. Routining, handling, Master Routine, One to Five Slow Motion Production, Bilious Balls, Strictly One Hand, One to Four with Solid Balls, Golf Ball routine, and more. 23pg. $8.00 Magic Inc.

Garcia, Frank: Real Secrets of the 3 Ball Routines. Garcia's version of the Balls in Net, Romaines Persian Pearls, Daly's Chromo Spheres, Sam Horowitz moves, more.

Gautlier, Camille: Magic Without Apparatus $40.00 544 pages, hardbound. Classic book covers manipulation with cards, coins, cigarettes, balls, and thimbles. Denny & Lee's.

Giobbi, Roberto: 3 - Ball Routine. Described and arranged by Roberto Giobbi. Three balls move from hand to hand, then, from the bag back into the hand and finally they disappear. In their place appears a lemon. Comes with small yellow baseballs, a silk net, and full routine (in German?). EUR 35,50 Christian Jedinat

Gloviczki, Peter: Lecture Notes 1971. Includes: Silk to Rose, Peter's Walky Ball, Balls from Silk, Three Inch Size Ball Manipulation, Gloviczki Real Linking Ropes, Ring and Rope, and more.

Gloviczki, Peter: Lecture Notes 1985: The magic of Peter Gloviczki. 23 pages. Includes: Production of Billiard Balls from the Silk; The Magic Monocle; The Magic Die; Die and Rope; Card Between Fans; Rodolfo's Favorite Three Card Trick (Color Monte); Anverdi's Ring and Rope Routine Variation; Ring Off The Rope; Multiplying Wand; Two Magic Wands from One.

Goldston, Will: Tricks and Illusions. 1908, 259 pages. Includes item titled, "Billiard Balls and Cue", though I don't know what it is!

Gross, Henry: Pure Magic! 1978, 225 pages. Great beginner's book includes Coins & Cards and lots more. Chapter 6 Sleights with Solid Balls; Chapter 7 Spongeball Magic; Chapter 12 The Cups and Balls; Chapter 13 Thimble Magic.

Harkey, David: Simply Harkey. Clay, coins, watches, silverware, balloons, bills, rubber bands, party poppers, salt shakers, soda cans, keys, matches, sugar packets, billiard balls and more. 60 routines $45 Hank Lee's.

Hatton, Henry & Adrian Plate: Magician's Tricks. 1910, 344 pages. Chapter 1 With Cards, Chapter 2 With Coins, Chapter 3 With Balls and Eggs; Chapter 4 With Handkerchiefs; Chapter 5 Some After Dinner Tricks; Chapter 6 Miscellaneous Tricks

Hay, Henry: Amateur Magician's Handbook Covers multiplying billiard balls.

Hay, Henry: Learn Magic. Includes in Lesson 18 The Multiplying Billiard Balls routine.

Hilliard, William John: Greater Magic 1400 page classic. $75.00. Decent section on multiplying billiard balls

Hilliard, William John: Modern Magician's Handbook. 1902. Card Tricks, Coin Tricks, Tricks With Watches and Rings, Tricks with Handkerchiefs, etc. Includes Chapter XI The Cups and Balls (21 pages); Chapter XII Ball Tricks Requiring Special Apparatus; The Chinese Rings, The Famous Egg and Bag Trick, and more.

Hoffmann, Professor: Later Magic. 1904 and later editions. Third volume of the Hoffmann Trilogy. Includes Handkerchief to Billiard Ball, The Ball Clip, and the Multiplying Billiard Ball.

Hoffmann, Professor: Modern Magic. 1882. The first volume in the Trilogy. This volume contains a chapter on Ball Tricks Requiring Special Apparatus, and includes how to palm a large ball, Morison's Pill Box, and more.

Hoffmann, Professor: More Magic. From 1889. Second in the Trilogy. Includes a chapter on Ball Tricks: Billiard Ball Trick, Another Method, Chameleon Ball, and The Obedient Ball Improved.

Hofzinser, Johann Nepomuk: The Magic of J.N. Hofzinser. 1985, 309 pages. Translation of German. Includes a chapter on Balls, with Dr. Hofzinser's Original Billiard Ball Sleights and The Cups and Balls, and a chapter on the Chinese Rings, amongst much other magic.

Hugard, Jean: Modern Magic Manual. SB 372pp, 1957. Good all around introduction. Covers the wand, coins, watches rings, billiard balls, sponge balls, cups & balls, eggs, linking rings, silks cigarettes, cigars, thimbles, flowers, ropes, money, the hat, mental magic and cards.

Hull, Burling: Billiard Ball Manipulation; Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation, Part 1 & Part 2; Master Sleights With Billiard Balls. 1910. Burling Hull wrote these and several other manuscripts on Billiard Ball Manipulation that may be worth searching for. Try Micky Hades or other used book dealers.

Hull, Burling: Sleights. 1914, 32 pages. Hull's Latest Card (promotional item); The Card Levitation; Card Locator; Interlocked Finger Acquitment (billiard ball move); Mystic Divination; HKF and Ball Production (extract from Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation); Hull Cone Flight (Ball and Paper Cone); A Unique Thimble Move, and more.

Ireland, L.L.: Ireland Writes a Book. 25 Tricks: Four Thimble Vanish & Production, Multiplying golf balls, combination Move with Balls, sucker card, card location, 4 ace control, a Linking Ring Move, Cups & Balls, ring the ribbon, and more $5.00 Magic Inc.

Jordan, Charles Thorton: Ten New Miscellaneous Tricks. 1920, 23 pages. Includes The Cord Released, A New Ring Release, Coin Divination, Date Reading Trick, Ubiquitous Poker Chips, Color Changing Thimble, Letter-Mailing Mystery, Clean Ball Production, Manipulative Opening, and The Book Mystery.

Karelis, Charles: Clean Through. 25pg Spiral. Billiard ball and handkerchief routines. $7.50. Denny & Lee's

Kaufman, RichardBalls! Lessons in Sidearm Snookery. Includes a rainbow ball routine.

Kaufman, Richard: The Collected Almanac. 1992, 398 pages. Bound edition of Richard's Almanac magazine. Tons of great magic. Includes Mike Gallos' Ball and Vase routine using two S.S. Adam's Ball & Vase sets.

Kelly, Kevin: A Pasteboard Odyssey, The Close Up Magic of Kevin Kelly. 130pg, spiral bound. 31 routines, many contributors. Super Ripcard, bounce no bounce ball switch, punch meets his match, fisting fix, coma, inverted submersion, and more. $25 L&L Pub

Lane, Frank: Funny Talk for Magicians #1. Unique presentations for classic magical effects including Ball & Tube; Banana Bag; Billiard Balls; Blendo; Rice Bowls; Chinese Sticks; Clippo; Coin in Bottle; Cups & Balls; Die Box; Egg on Fan; Ellis Ring; Foo Can; Four Aces; Fresh Fish; Chinese Laundry Ticket; Card to Pocket; Bullet Trick; and more. $6.00 from Magic Inc.

Lang, Neil Charles: The Modern Conjurer. 1937, 386 pages. Includes Sleights and Tricks with Cards; Sleights and Tricks with Coins, Tricks with Balls (including the Cups and Balls and The Billiard Ball Trick); Handkerchief Tricks; and more.

LaRue, Robert D. Jr. & Steve Spangler: Bouncing Back. 1997. Book of ideas and routines for the Bounce-No-Bounce balls.

Leech, Al: Leech's Legacy. Platform Wild Card, Bicycle Built for Profit, Snap Change, Coin & Cards, The Coin Star, Ball Manipulation, Chicago Balls, Color Changing Balls, Thimble Theme, Thimbles Unanimous, Rainbow Thimbles, and more. 125 pages. $10 Magic Inc.

Leech, Al: All of Leech. Includes 6 of Leech's books: Al Leech's Legacy, Handbook of Card Sleights, Don't Look Now (The Smart Slant on Misdirection), For Card Men Only, Manipulating With Leech, and Card Man Stuff. Hardcover spiral bound. $30 Magic Inc.

Lees, Walt: Best of Close Up. British close up Magicians with routines using cards, coins, balls, and even an umbrella and cheese. 188pg $25 Hank Lee

Levent and Todd Kar: Roy Benson by Starlight. Published by The Miracle Factory. This 800 page book contains over fifty incredible effects and sleights, including chapters on Cards, Coins, Balls, Close-Up, and Stage Magic. Routines include the Benson Bowl Routine, Ring on Stick, Long Salt Pour, Billiard Balls, Benson Linking Ring Routine, Benson Rice Bowls, The Hugard Newspaper Tear, and much. more. Also includes the complete text of two Benson books The Second Oldest Profession and Benson on Magic, a complete biography of Roy Benson, and a section on Benson's teacher, Nate Leipzig. The Miracle Factory

Long, Chad: Some Other Stuff... 2000, 12 pages. 8 routines in these short notes by Chad Long. Includes Bounce/No-Bounce Opener, a clever idea for opening or closing with this ball set.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 6-10. 2000, 700 pages. Bound volume of Harry's Apocalypse Magazine with tons of great magic. Includes Kuronuma's The Subliminal Switch, which is good for the Bounce-No-Bounce balls; Jon Townsend's Best Ball Retention Pass for use with smaller balls; and Sol Stone's The Chaperone two in the hand and one in the pocket.

Lorayne, Harry: Apocalypse Volumes 16-20. 2002, over 700 pages. Bound volume of Harry's Apocalypse Magazine with tons of great magic. Includes Joe Rindfleisch's Three Ball's Through, a balls thru the table using 1" multiplying balls set; Roy Benson's Black Balled (also using the gimmick from a multiplying ball set); Harold Cataquet's Roll-A-Ball Squeegee Move for superball sized balls.

Luka, John: L.I.N.T. (Luka In The New Tops) Pocket Stuff for Close-Up Magicians. Chromo Balls (sleight of hand approach to Daley's Chromo Spheres), cards, Magic Coin, Bauer's Lie Detector, and much more from TOPS magazine columns. 143 pg $30 

Luka, John: Uncovered. Lots of photographs! Includes: The Ambitious Card (automatic double turnovers); Licked At Last (easy in-the-hands Triumph); Card To Wallet (no-palm); The Magic Cards (fun); Wow Revisited (version of “The Biddle Trick”); Chromo Balls (version of 3 Ball Transposition); Airplane Card (impossible Card to Pocket); Michigan Monte (no gaff “Sidewalk Shuffle”); Coins Through The Table; Invisible Palm; Back To The 19th Century (assembly); and more. 100 pages, hard cover, $35

Lyons, P. Howard: Ibidem Volume 3 & AZIZ & Beyond. 2002. Includes Dan Tong's Net Ball (3 Ball routine)

MacMillan, Ron: Symphony of the Spheres. Manipulative Routines with Billiard Balls. 1960's, 23 pages. No gimmicks, just pure manipulation with balls and holders.

Magic Inc: Magic Yearbook Reader Vol 3. Thimbles Unanimous by Leech (1962), Tricks with balls (1963/4), Herman Weber Linking Rings (1965/6), Karrell Fox (1967/8) 144pg Spiral $25 Magic Inc.

Mardo, Senor: The Cups & Balls. 1955 Magic Ltd. 34pg. Passes, palming, loads, baby chicks, three full routines, the Homing Ball (ball and cone), three shell game, sponge ball routine, and Mardo's Chinese Cups and Balls routine. $5 Micky Hades, Denny & Lee

Mardo, Senor: Routined Magic. 1945 Max Holden. 29pg. Includes: Marlo's Egg Bag Routine using a Sterling Bag, Glass Mystery almost impromptu 1 cup & ball routine, Homing Ball (Ball & Cone), Shaker Penetration: coin thru handkerchief, Mardo's Cups & Balls (uses standard cups & 4 balls), some Cups & Balls sleights, a 1 to 4 thimble routine with streamer climax, a thimble acquitment, hints on rice bowl gimmick, coin rattle box, crystal casket, and more.

Marshall, Frances: Kidstuff Volume 6. Magic Inc. Includes Patter for the Billiard Balls.

McFalls, E.M.: Cellini, The Royal Touch. Includes Where to Work the Streets, Street Performer's Workshop and Tools (including the famous Cellini Topit), and more. Routines include Vanishing Silk, Birth of a Rose, Thumb Tip Tips, Thumb Tip Drop Steal, Sugar Bag, Vanishing Cigarette, Wand of Merlin Flip Stick Routine, The Wand Spin, Infinity Cups (Water appearance in bowls), Bill in Lemon, Bill to Wallet, Cups & Balls Routine One, Cups & Balls Routine Two, Paper Bag Routine, Here's Mickey (mouse production), Fire Eating, An Escape Act, Vanishing Glass, Grapefruit Production, Cellini Sponge Ball Routine, Indestructible Handkerchief, Cigarette Routine, T-Bar Glass Vanish, Three Ring Switch, Lord of the Rings Linking Ring Routine, Six Ring Routine, Cut & Restored Rope, Card Manipulations, Jumbo Coin & Handkerchief Routine, Color Changing Coin, Copper Silver Routine, Coin Juggling, Cascade of Coins from Cards, Coins in Glass, Billiard Ball Work, The Miser's Dream. 188pg, hardbound. $90

McComb, Billy: McComb Comes Home. 1990, 20 pages. Includes McComb-ical Billiard Ball Extravaganza; About Face Card Stunt; Egg-less Bag-less Egg Bag and Whiskey Egg-Bag Finish, McComb-ical Rice Bowls, and more.

Mercurio: The Propshop. 1975. Tricks with Magical Accessories. Includes McCarron's Growing Hair on a Billiard Ball (1"); The Robert Hundertmark Silk Routine (silk to multiplying balls)

Mentzer, Jerry: Master Ball & Silk Manipulation. Productions, vanishes, and penetrations with a ball and silk. $8  Denny & Lee's

Miller, Gordon (editor): Tops Treasury of Ball Manipulation (Abbott's) $15 104 pages drawn from TOPS and NEW TOPS magic magazines. Productions, vanishes, changes, and complete routines. Abbott's Magic.

Minch, Stephen: Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, vol 2. 110 Elmsley tricks & sleights, including cards, cards to pocket, tricks with coins, flourishes with cards coins and balls, and the Dazzle Act. 512 pages. $45.00 Hank Lee

Minch, Stephen: The New York Magic Symposium Collection Five. 1986, 140 pages. Includes Michael Ammar's Haley's Comet in which a ball of fire turns into a real ball, which then vanishes (Topit).

Mishel, Ed: Hold Out Miracles. 64pg. (Note, not all effects require use of holdout) Attaching the holdout, devices, Jack Miller Rope Cut, Vanishing Knife, Ball Silk and Wand Routine, Jack Miller's Egg Bag Routine, Cash Transport, Poosha Da Poosh, Blooming Flowers, Squash, Ben Kleinman Routines, Sliding Knots and Mysterious Ball, Ball Through Silk and Trumpet, Three versions of Cups and Balls, Three Card Transposition, Coin Holdout, Salt-O-Matic and Vanishing Birdcage. Denny & Lee's

Nathanson, Leon: Slydini Encores. 1966, 157 pages. Includes: Imp-Pass, Revolve Vanish, One Coin Routine, Capricious Cornucopia, Ball Vanish in the Hands, Sweet Salt, Cigarette Re-Incarnation, Two Cigarettes from One, and more.

Raucherbaumer, Jon: Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards. 1997, 202 pages. Marlo on coins, bar magic, and others. Includes Duplex Ball and Vase using a small ball and vase prop; Diminishing Golf Ball; Brief History of Dice Stacking along with the basics and a routine outline; Windy City Sponges; State-Street Cups and Balls (with sponges); Chop Cup moves; Silver Spheres small ball routine; Three Ring Classic for the Linking rings (single, key, oversized ring); Egg Bagatelle full egg bag routine for the Miller/Tarbell/Sterling style bag.

Racherbaumer, Jon: In a Class By Himself, the Legacy of Don Alan. 2000, 296pg. Many of Don's classics detailed. Includes Lean Mean Chop Cup, Benson Bowl, Scotch and Soda Coda, Flying Eagles, Cap and Pence, How to Stack Dice, Invisible Card to Wallet, Floating and Rising Billiard Ball, and much more.

Richards, Paul and Mike Gallo: Mike Gallo Close Up Insider Notes. Sponge Ball Memories (Eddie Fetcher), Three Ball Routine (Balls and Net), Ramsey Without Tears (cylinder and coins), Seashells and Balls, Psychological Coins to Glass, Mike Meets the Fab Four (four coin routine), Gold Kaps (coins), and the Coin Act (coins and purse). $10 Denny & Lee's

Roterberg, August: Latter Day Tricks. 1896, 112 pages. Handkerchief magic, The Newest Billiard Ball Trick, Eggs, Flowers, and more.

Roterberg, August: The Modern Wizard. 1896, 123 pages. Ball tricks include Billiard Ball and Handkerchief, Enchanted Billiard Ball and Glass of Water, Glass Ball and Handkerchief Trick, A New Billiard Ball Trick, Another Billiard Ball Trick, Changing Red and Black Billiard Balls, and Ball and Orange Trick, and Chameleon Billiard Ball.

Selbit, P.T.: The Magician's Handbook. 1901, 188 pages. Includes an entire section on juggling. Also includes The Traveling Billiard Balls, New Billiard Ball Production, New Billiard Ball Moves, Novel Billiard Ball Manipulation, and a lot of other magic.

Starke, George, and Dr. Jacob Daley (editors): Stars of Magic. This classic of magic includes Dai Vernon's Triumph, Spellbound, Kangaroo Coins, Cups & Balls, Ring on Wand, and more, John Scarne's Classic Ball Routine and Copper & Silver, Slydini's Flight of the Paper balls and much more. 168 pages.

Smith, Samuel Patrick: Big Laughs for Little People. 2003, 306 pages. Magic for Children's audiences. Chapter on Worth-Control Skills includes Multiplying Billiard Balls and Basic Billiard Ball Sleights.

Stanyon, Ellis: Magic. 1901, 244 pages. Lots of manipulative magic. Includes chapters on Sleight of Hand, Tricks with Coins, Tricks with Handkerchiefs, Hat Tricks, After Dinner Tricks, Stage Tricks and Miscellaneous Tricks. The chapter on Ball Tricks includes much Billiard Ball manipulation.

Starke, George and Dr. Jacob Daley: Stars of Magic. Great magic from Dai Vernon, John Scarne, Ross Bertram and more. Includes John Scarne's Classic Ball routine for small balls; The Egyptian Ball (ball color change with silk);

Steinmeyer, Jim: Magic of Alan Wakeling. Mostly stage magic including "Magical Puppet Theatre," "The Elusive Clown," "The Wakeling Crushing," "Wakeling Sawing". Also: Billiard Balls, Color Changing Gloves, Liquid Sands, Aerial Fishing, The Complete Wakeling Fan Act, Mentalism, the Egg Bag, Egg on Fan, The Bar Act, Handcuff Escape, and more. $75

Stone, Tom: Deserting the Legion. 2004, 20 pages. Includes: Siamese Booktest; Double Christ (force); Occhamman Now! (card); Deja Vu Pen; and Conic Relief, a treatise on the Ball & Cone.

Swoger: Enchanted Ball Manipulation. 11 sleights & routines. Bell routine w/plastic hat, simplified multiplying balls, Golf ball routine, and more. 28 pg $5.00

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course in Magic Vol 1. Includes Ball Tricks and much more. 19 Lessons, 410 pages, 918 illustrations. Hardbound. $25

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course in Magic Vol 2: Includes billiard balls and much more. How To Please Your Audience, Magic with Wands, Coins, Cigarettes, Cards, Rising Cards (17 methods), Tarbell Egg Bag, Billiard Balls, Illusions, Ghostlike Mysteries, 14 Lessons, 410 pages, 1087 illustrations, Hardbound. $25

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course in Magic Vol 6: Among many other items, there is a billiard ball through hanky routine.

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course in Magic Vol 7: Includes Diminishing Golf Ball (Carl Ballantine).

Tarbell, Harlan: Tarbell's Course in Magic Vol 8. Includes Tarbell Ball and Vase Routine.

Tarr, Bill: Now You See It, Now You Don't Vol 1. Fundamentals of sleight of hand using cards, balls, thimbles, cigarettes, and other common items. Tricks include Three Card Monte, Cups and Balls, and more. 224 pages. $20

Tarr, Bill: The Second Now You See It, Now You Don't!. 1994, 224 pages.Includes card sleights and flourishes, coin sleights and a section on Balls, Silks, Cigarettes.

Thompson, J.G. Jr.: Magic to Delight. Cards, coins, rings, balls, ropes, mental. Pop Up Lift Lift, Enforcer, Show Off, Ultimate, Smoker Joker, Here and There, What Coins, Have a Ball, Venetian Mysteries, Double Ring, So Long, Crosses Across, Topper Load, and more. $5.00

Thompson, J.G.: The Miracle Makers. 1975, 306 pages. Includes The Golden Fleece using 1/2" balls of two colors along with a small bottle and Genii patter.

Vernon, Dai: Expanded Lecture Notes. Contents include: Dai Vernon Cup and Ball Routine, The Changing Cards, Name a Number, Thought Card From Pocket, Hints on Side Steal, Migratory Cards, Bluff Card to Pocket, G.W. Hunter False Shuffle, Snap Crimp, Mental Discover, Two Cards to Pocket, Follow the Leader, Two Cards Through Magazine, Minde Reading Expansion of Texture, Ball Cone & Handkerchief, Chinese Classic, Gemini Cards, Paul Rosini's Thumb Tie, Coins & Cylinder, Telekinetic Cards, The Forgotten Trick, plus comments and odd notes. $8.00 Magic Inc.

Vernon, Dai: The Dai Vernon Book of Magic (Lewis Ganson). The Vernon touch, Coins through the table, Penetration of thought (card), three ball transposition (small balls), Tenkai palm, The Linking Rings (subset of Symphony of the Rings), seven card Monte, Leipzig's coin on the knee, Garnder's Cigar vanish, Five coin star, pick off pip, clipped, multiple colour change, three coins from one, expansion of texture, the challenge, double lift, cups and balls (simple and direct with 3 object climax), Leipzig's Card Stab, tips on knots, six card repeat, free and unlimited coinage of silver, mental spell, dice routine climax, one under and one down, Charles Miller cups and balls move, cards and matches, tips on card sleights, Ball Cone and handkerchief 4 ace transposition, Rosini thimble routine, poker demonstration, and thumb tie. $35.00

Victor, Edward: Further Magic of the Hands. Sleight of Hand with coins, cards, ropes, balls, cigs, etc. G.W. Hunter's Card Miracles. $6

Victor, Edward: Magic of the Hands. Sleight of Hand tricks: Coins, silks, billiard balls, thimbles, cigars, slates, cards, etc. 120pg, paper $6.00

Victor, Edward: More Magic of the Hands. More as above. $6

Victor, Edward: Magic of the Hands Trilogy (Kaufman). Magic, More Magic, Further Magic of the Hands in one volume. 300pg, Coins, cards, ropes, cigarettes, billiard balls, bills and more. $35.00

Webb, Gregg: The Book That Doesn't Exist and More! CD-ROM/e-book. How to twist ideas into tricks and routines apart from the mainstream. Nearly 500 pages from Gregg's magic newsletter articles. Includes: tricks with cards and coins, mentalism effects, magic with bills, tricks with improvised pendulums, mind-reading stunts with soda-pop cans, ESP demonstrations, tricks with children’s jacks, blindfolded poker deals, voodoo, sleight of hand, invisible thread, magnets, pulls, and more. Includes billiard ball manipulation with complete routines. $30

Wilson, Mark: Complete Course in Magic. Excellent book for beginning to intermediate magic. Each trick is thoroughly illustrated in a step by step manner. Covers card sleights, self working card tricks, ropes, billiard balls (basics), cups and balls, impromptu magic and much more.


Alexander, Scott: 10 O'Clock Show DVD. Includes The Hat, Sense of Color, Matches Melt, Jumping Jacks (children's Jacks and Bounce/NoBounce Balls), Nailed, Diving Fork, and A Short Story. $35

Bertram, Ross: Legendary Magic Volume 1: Welcome Mat for Sponge Balls, coin magic, card magic, the Egyptian Ball, and more. $35 L&L Publishers

Buckingham, Geoffrey: The Magic and Manipulation of Geoffrey Buckingham DVD. The Doubling Silk; Billiard Ball Silk Penetration; Single Thimble Silk Penetration; Multiple Thimble Silk Penetration; Thimble Thumb Palm; Multiple Thimble Palms; Preparing for the Act; The Waistband Billiard Ball Holder; The Drop Steal Billiard Ball Holder; Setting Up a Group of Coins for a Steal; The Direct Steal Coin Holder; The Simple Thimble Holder; The Burling Hull Billiard Ball Holder; Loading the Coat; Rolling a Silk; Manipulator’s Lotion; Dressing the Stage; Completing the Costume; The Award-Winning Act; Cards To Pocket; Torn and Restored Card; Gypsy Thread; You Do As I Do; Comedy Rope Trick. $35

Buckingham, Geoffrey: Videonics PROGRAM #01 Vol. 1. Coins, handkerchiefs and thimbles all appear, along with balls, in a truly magical manner. They vanish with the same ease with which they appeared. $25.00

Burt, Brad: Basics of Expert Billiard Ball and Thimble Manipulation. Useful sleights, including a full Billiard Ball routine. $40

Cervine, Scott: Teaches his Award Winning Stage Magic video. Cane Split, Silent Cane Vanish and production, Billiard Ball routine, Ring routine w/handling of locking key ring, and more. $75 Steven's Magic

Cloutier, Carl: Lapping It Up. Balls appear and vanish, signed cards pulled from pockets and socks. Includes Ballissimo, Carl's Coin Routine, Traveler's Advisory (cards), Liquid Asset, Tete a Tete, Sleeving the Matrix. $40ppd.

Cloutier, Carl: Carl Cloutier's World Class Magic Video, 90 mins. Includes Sports Illustrated routine using miniature sports balls, Smoker's Delight, Pencil Through Coin, Lit Cigarette In Coat, Single Cups & Balls a miniature cup and balls routine; Candy Cards; To Bounce or Not to Bounce (Bounce, No Bounce Balls effect); Simple Battery battery from deck of cards; Money Madness. $30

Colombini, Aldo: Cone-Tact. DVD. Aldo Colombini's treatment of the Ball & Cone. Also available in manuscript form with paper cone and balls. $10 WildColombini.

Colombini, Aldo: The Essential Aldo Colombini Volume 3 DVD. Includes cards, Get the Ball Rolling in the hands ball routine, Throw in the Sponge sponge balls with comedy, Another's Bet coin routine, jumbo cards, and more. $35 L&L Publishing

Daryl: Live from London V1: Double Dazzling Triumph, Broken Translation, Psychological Assembly, Crazy Colors, Magician Fooler, Half & Half, Mysterious Cross of India, Effectless method, Jumping Knot of Pakistan, Bounce/No Bounce Balls. $30 Contact Daryl.

Daryl: Magic Castle Lecture video $55. Rope, Twice Torn Bill, Borrowed Bill Book Test, Untouched, Breakthrough, Professor's Nightmare, Bounce/No bounce, and more. Steven's Magic

DeSouza, Mark: Master Works of Conjuring, Volume 1 Music and Magic. Includes: Multiplying Balls opener (based on Alan Wakeling routine); The Full Circle Rope Routine (begins and ends with single length of rope); Card and Ball Routine (manipulation); Linking Hearts (a Linking Rings act using Heart Shaped Rings, but adaptable to normal rings); Bills and Coins (variation of Kaps Diminishing Bills to Coins); Tequila (requires Andrus' Zone Zero); and a Bonus of the Color Changing Knives.

DeSouza, Marc. Prize Winning Stage Magic video. 70 minute silent act: Contents include Billiard Ball and Rose Routine, Linking Ring Routine, Diminishing Cash and Coins, and Zombie Floating Rose Routine.  Also covers gimmicks such as ball clips, silk rolls, palms and vanishes, Linking Ring moves, and standard billiard ball vanishes and color changes as well as tips on Zombie. $20. Steven's Magic, Meir Yedid.

Fedko, John: School of Magic Volume 1: Classics of Magic $15. Chinese Linking Rings, Chinese Sticks, Chinese Egg Bag, Multiplying Balls, Cut & Restored Hanky, Ultra Mentalism Steven's Magic

Flip: Flip-pical Parlour Magic Part Two DVD: includes air billiards; Hat, Mat, and Egg; Banknote, Wallet & Signed Card Trick, and Linking Rings (and more). $35

Flip: Videonics PROGRAM #72 "ON STAGE" Vol. 2. Billiard balls, thimbles and a Ping Pong paper mystery.

Frye, Charlie: Eccentricks DVD. Offbeat stunts, gags, and routines. Includes comedy Multiplying Billiard Balls featuring the ball from balloon, Spoon Bending with sight gags, Midair Card Grab, Dice Stacking Dice Matrix, Cups and Balls, Assorted Juggling Gags, Coin Sleights and Flourishes, etc. $30

Harlan, Dan: Pack Small, Play Big - The All Purpose Show (DVD). L&L Publishing. Includes Starcle (circle torn from napkin changes into a star); Hold It, Buster! (jumbo card Monte routine); C&R rope (cut and restored); Tee Bag (egg bag - production routine); Herman (the multiplying balls); Ring Master (linking rings up close); Lester (miser's dream); Mine & Yours (money!); It's Not the Size (growing and shrinking wand). $35

Jon, Finn: Pierre Mayer Finn Jon vol 2 Close Up. The Great Thread Story, Symphony of the Balls, unusual soap bubble production, Impromptu thumb tie $31 Steven's Magic

Jon, Finn: Pierre Mayer Finn Jon vol 5 Stage Magic. Includes Three billiard ball routine, Chop Cup routine, among others. $31 Steven's Magic

Lancaster, Lou: Teaches Classic Routines (IMS) International Magician's Society (IMS) Volume 10. Teaches the Miser's Dream, Billiard Ball Manipulation, Larry Jennings Chop Cup Routine, Coins Through A Table and more. International Magician's Society

Leslie: Jay: Billiard Ball Manipulation Video. Suitable for beginners and professionals. Contents include Bare Hand Retention Vanish, Mid-Air Color Change, Behind the Back Toss Vanish, Behind the Back Color Change, Back Hand Color Change, Pocket Techniques, Retention Vanish with Silk, Grab Vanish, Drop Vanish with Silk, Pull Over Silk Vanish, Silk Pull Over Color Change, Complete Ball and Silk Routine, Toss Across Vanish, Vertical Vanish, Elevator Color Change, and finally a full routine featuring these great sleights and effects. $30

Levent: Levent's Ultimate Guide to the Billiard Balls. 3 DVD Set. Over 5 hours long. Includes the Machinery, The Moves, Ball Productions, Single Ball Vanishes, Color Changes, Flourishes, Shell Technique, Advanced Concepts, and Routines made famous by Roy Benson, Ade Duval, Richard Ross, Levent, and Cardini. $45.95 Levent Magic

Losander, Dirk: A Day with Salvano DVD. Part of the Recollection Series. Includes (performance only?) a manipulation routine with cigarette and billiard ball, a salt routine, and a silk routine, but the real value is in the stories that Salvano relates from his 54 years of performing. $38 Stevens Magic

McBride, Jeff: Magic of Jeff McBride. 2 volume set: V1: Jeff's Commando Card Manipulation Act, Super Candle, Living Flower Production, Silas and the Slickers (Gambling), Balloon & Ball Manipulation, Kundalini Rising, The Greatest Illusion Ever Created...Money", and more. V2: Bob Read's Bottle Production, Traveling Flame, Living Flower Production, One handed Match Lighting, Balls from the Mouth, Egg from Balloon, Billiard Ball from Balloon, Water Fountain, Torn & Restored Bill, and more. $55ppd (set) L&L Publishing, Stevens Magic

McBride, Jeff: World Class Manipulation Volumes 1 to 3. These videos cover the complete range of coin, thimble, and ball manipulation. Volume one includes Coin rolls, palms, jumbo coin productions, mister's dream, thimble vanishes and reproductions, palms, ball techniques, rolls, vanishes and tons more. Volume 2 includes more coin rolls, holders, and droppers, color changing thimbles, changes, and silks with thimbles, ball flourishes, changeovers, diminishing ball, and much more. Volume 3 includes ball rolls, vanishes, color changes, multiplying balls, thimble rigging, 8 thimble routine, coin backpalming, fans, and more. $30 each from L&L Publishing.

McComb, Billy: Greater Magic Video #26, Our Best #2. Includes: Daryl: EZ Coins Across; Larry Becker Intuition; Charlie Miller Coke Cups; Bobo Chinese Chopstick, Witch Doctor's Coin, Trick with a Stick, Copper & Silver; Billy McComb Golf Ball Thru Handkerchief; Roger Klause Gypsy Switch. $30 Stevens Magic

Miller, Charlie: Greater Magic V18. Paper Mystery (Perf), Malini Egg Bag (Perf), Four Deuce Trick, Hanky Knots, Hat Trick, Mutilated Parasol (perf), Floating Pencil, Balls in Net Stevens Magic

Millward, George: Instructional Ball and Cone Video (DVD). Detailed explanation of the effect, full treatment of the Vernon Wand Spin, and Johnny Thompson's comments on the effect. Norm Nielsen Magic

Miracle Factory: Mystic Craig's Camera. 3 DVD set. Over six hours of historical footage, including lectures and performances by Dai Vernon, Brother John Hamman, U. F. Grant, Jack Miller, Kalanag, Edward Victor, and Peter Warlock. Performance of Dai Vernon Ball & Cone, Balls & Net; U.F Grant Chain Linking and Shot Glass Egg Bag; Jack Miller Linking Rings; Peter Warlock Thimble Thru Silk, Ring and Rope Routine;  Edward Victor Sleight With Four Thimbles, Billiard Balls; and much more.

Ouellet, Gary: The Very Best of, Volume Two DVD. Includes: Photography Trick (4 Queens cut to), Two Goblets two-cup and ball routine (w/Chop cup), Threshold torn and restored card effect, Three Ball Routine, Coin Moves (Gallo Slide, Visual Slide, Table Slide, Ultimate French Drop, Himber Switch, Master Switch, Wiffledust II routine), Three Triumphant Cuts, and Sloppy Triumph $35

Page, Patrick: Balls video. Benson Bowl routine, Split, Four Miracle Vanishes, Ball thru Table, and more. $40pd Steven's Magic

Page, Patrick: London Stage Lecture video. Thimbles, Billiard Ball moves, bare handed production of flowers, Topit Vanisher, Miser Dream, art of misdirection. $40 Steven's Magic

Palmer, Johnny Ace: Johnny Ace Palmer Trilogy Videos: Video 1: Part 1 on developing an award winning act. Performance of FISM Act, Attitude, timing, trimming the excess, standing ovation technique, practice techniques. Part 2 on principles and concepts. Includes misdirection (8-ball production, Coke Bottle production), X-Effect Coin in the Eye routine, Series of Three, Salad Bar Magic (mood and situation), Respect, multiple methods, audience participation, camouflage, one ahead, and substitution. Part 3 on effects. The Egg Bag for table hoppers; No Problem 5 of diamonds changes to 4 when a pip is dropped off; A Little Light on the Subject card revelation using a table lamp; Too Fast! card prediction and transposition; Three Magic Scarves routine. $30

Peki: Card & Ball Manipulation (Trik A Tape). Bare handed production of cards, Card to dollar bills, billiard balls, and more. $40 Stevens Magic

Posgate, Bruce: Videonics PROGRAM #08 Vol. 1.Entertaining Children. How to handle kids plus Jelly Bean Soup, Crystal Silk Cylinder, Billiard Balls for Kids, Die Box and much more. $20.00

Romaine: Expert Manipulation DVD (2 DVD set). This is an in-depth course in card and ball manipulation. Start with Romaine's stage show and then step by step through card and billiard ball manipulation. £25.00 Magic Makers

Ross, Richard: Greater Magic V27. Cane transformations, Billiard Balls, Invisible Thumbtips, Coins in Glass, Das Ringspeil (linking rings), Giant card fans performance. $30 Stevens Magic

Sheets, Bob: Bob Does Hospitality Volume 3 DVD. Includes the Three Ball Trick with motivation, gags, and more. Flash Deck mind reading; 6 Tricks in Two Minutes with a gaffed deck. $35

Shimada: Video Training Series V1. First of a series of Shimada video training series. Techniques for manipulating cigarettes, billiard balls, and cards. Includes Tenkai Cigarette Routine, Billiard Ball and Silk Manipulation (including Shimada's "double shell" work), Colored Billiard Ball work, and Tenkai Card Fan Productions with a Drink from Card Fan Finale.  Almost two hours of instruction from his 1998 lecture. $30

Shimada: Greater Magic V3. Thimbles, Card Fans, Card Productions, and Billiard Balls (close up) Stevens Magic

Smith, Samuel Patrick: The Magic Ingredient: Funny Magic to Make You a Kid-Show Celebrity. 1995 VHS Video; 60 minutes. SPS Publications. Includes: Crayons to Scarf; The Crystal Tube; Multiplying Billiard Balls; The Imagination Cap; The Shrinking Glove; Headband Blendo; The Egg, the Bag, and the Magic Hat; Nest of Boxes; Puff the Magic Rabbit

Smith, Samuel Patrick: The Magic Ingredient and Kidology DVD. DVD contains the content of The Magic Ingredient (above) and Kidology. Provides info on successful kid shows, including performance and teaching of Crayons to scarf, The Crystal Tube, Multiplying Billiard Balls, The imagination Cap, The shrinking Glove, Headband blendo, The egg, the bag, and the magic hat, Nest of boxes, and Puff the magic rabbit. Kidology provides more kid magic including The invisible flying silk scarf, Soft Soap, Portable Beach Balls, Cut and restored rope,  Monster hat, Commercials and Jokes. $32.94

Thayer, Floyd: The Magic of Thayer videos 1 to 4. Narrated by collector Dr. Robert Albo. Thayer's magic is displayed, demonstrated, and explained. Includes John Carney's rendition of Thayer's Ball Vase. Also includes Die box, Where do the ducks go, livestock effects, mentalism, expanding egg, vanishing and reappearing eclipse lamp, billiard ball effects, brema ball effects, rice effects, chest of Chu Chin Chou, checker cabinet, and more. Stevens Magic

Thompson, Johnny: Commercial Classics of Magic V1. Balls & Net, Coins through Table, Han Ping Chien Coin Trick, Winged Silver, Copper & Silver Transposition, Vanishing Glass, Benson's Bowl Routine, Matching the Cards, Automatic Aces $29.95 L&L Publishing

Thompson, Johnny: Commercial Classics of Magic V3. The Biddle Trick, Malini Card Stab, Koran Medallion, Heads Up, Out of Sight Out of Mind, Phantom Cigarette, Hanky Panky, Spellbound, Presto Chango, Coin in Bottle, 3 Ball Routine, No Body Load Livestock Production. $29.95 L&L Publishing

Torkova, Bob: Cone & Ball for Platform. $20 H&R Magic Books

Tremaine, Jon: Volume Three - Encores. Acrobatic Matchbox/Stack of Coins: combined; Gymnastic Aces: Aces are flipped out of deck; Three Silver Balls: tinfoil ball effect; Vanishing Rings: Ring Flight; 4 X 4: Two packets of cards change places; Vanishing Pen; Tear and Repair: Torn and restored money; Rota-Note: Borrowed bill spins on the palm; Polo-Link: Two Life Savers® are linked ; Ring on Rope: Finger ring and rope; Spook-Key: Card trick; Solo Twist: Card deck vanishes, leaving selection; Prize Winner: Spectator loses in 51:1 odds; Advice on Close-Up Act, Close-Up Set Up and Tremaine Prop Box. $30

Various: Magic of Canada Greater Magic V50. James Cielen: Stage Magic, Multiplying Balls; Carl Cloutier: Ring in Kiwi; Jay Sankey: Dough, Stirring Silver; Gary Kurtz: Tug, Good Eats; David Acer: Lickety Flip, Card Coin Holder & Money Flies; Gary Ouellet: Optical Aces; Dean Gunnarson: Rope Escape, Houdini Milk Can (perf); Stevens Magic

Vernon, Dai: Videonics PROGRAM #54 Revelations Vol. 10. The Vernon Cone and Ball routine; The Ball and Silk; Vernon on the Dye Tube; The Chopstick principle applied to cutting at the jog; The Chopstick Double Lift; The Overhand Shuffle Technique; The Pinky Count; The Greek Break; Stabbing the Deck; Bottom to Top Transfer; Double, Triple and Multiple Peek Handling; Vernon's simple Double Peek Control; The Fan Force

Vernon, Dai: Revelations V3&4; Note: This is a remaster of the Videonics series and contains two volumes on one tape Volume 3: The Travelers, Kangaroo Coins, Balls in the Net, Jumping Jacks, Tenkai Palm Volume 4: Symphony of the Rings, Tenkai Switch, Coins and Champagne Glass, Super Coin Vanish

Vernon, Dai: Revelations V9&10. Note: This is a remaster of the Videonics series and contains two volumes on one tape Volume 9: Beerg Move exposed, Trick that fooled Houdini, Three Card Monte Volume 10: Vernon Cone and Ball Routine from Harlequin Act, Ball and Silk, Vernon on the Dye Tube, Chopstick Principle & the Jog, Chopstick Double Lift, Overhand Shuffle, Pinky Count, Greek Break, Stabbing the Deck, bottom to Top transfer, peek handling, fan force. 29.95 L&L Publishing

Williams, Dick: Take Two! Magic in Focus video. Ball in Vase, St. Patrick's Day Banner, Vanishing Leg and Boy to Rabbit, Vanishing Orange, Pencil Twist, Through the Neck, Mime Floating Lady, blindfolded Juggling, Ring on Rope. With Guest appearance by John Calvert and more. $35 Stevens Magic

Wilson, Gregory: In Action! Volume 3 DVD. Includes Time Card, The Slot Machine Scam, Chip on Shoulder casino chip, Cut Throat Aces, Foreign Affair Pound to Euro to Ruble to Yen to Hundred Dollar Bill, Garret Thomas' The Ring Thing, Bounce No Bounce balls, and more. $35 L&L Publishing

Wilson, Mark: Magic Circus Shows 3 & 4 DVD. Performance Only. Includes: Flying Crystal Box, Color Silk Transpo, Topsy Turvey Cabinet, Close Up Card, Professor's Nightmare, World's Largest Card Trick, Egg Bag, Doll to Life, Paper to Real Bills, Billiard Ball Manipulation (with son Greg at 6 years old), and more.

Wright, Timothy: Multiplying Balls Video. Includes history, apparatus, moves, routines, and music for the multiplying balls. Includes footage of Cardini and appearance by Neil Foster. $25 Chazpro (


Ambitious Card (Frank Starsinic): Cone for the Ball & Cone. Supple leather cone. $49. Also available with the balls for $69. AmbitiousCard

Arbor Scientific: Happy Sad Balls. Arbor's version of the Bounce No-Bounce balls. 1" diameter.

Arlen Studio (Keith Lack) Manipulators. Rubberized Multiplying Balls with "Gorilla-Grip". Red and White color and nice bounce. Shell "locks" to ball for tossing. Comes with three red Gorilla-Grip balls, one red Simi-locking Gorilla-Grip shell and as a bonus, one white Gorilla-Grip ball as a final kicker. No shell separation over time. $75

Burger, Mark: Buma Sterling Silver Billiard Balls. Consists of one sterling silver shell handfitted to match three 1 3/4 sterling silver billiard balls. Each ball and shell is handfitted by a master silversmith in .925 sterling silver. Crafted at optimum weight for performance handling. $295.

Collector's Workshop: Billiard Ball Stand - German - Conradi Style Nickel Stand (Brass, Nickel plated). Can make all the balls vanish or reappear. $395 Viking Manufacturing

Colombini, Aldo: Cone-Tact. Book. Aldo Colombini's treatment of the Ball & Cone, complete with cardboard cone and three balls, manuscript with 35 illustrations by Tony Dunn.(also listed in Books section) Note: the original VHS video of this effect used to come with a leather cone, which you might find on the used market. $10 WildColombini.

Colombini, Aldo: Get the Ball Rolling. Easy-to-learn Three Ball Routine with no table required. $12 Mama Mia Magic (Colombini)

Daryl: Bounce Across. Happens in the spectator's hands. A bounce no-bounce ball routine in which the bounce is removed from a rubber ball and placed into a piece of modeling clay. Finishes clean. $25 Daryl.

DuneCraft: Vice Versa Balls. DuneCraft's version of the Bounce No-Bounce Balls.

Educational Innovations: Choositz Decision Balls. Larger 1.5" diameter bounce, no-bounce balls.

Fabric Manipulation (Lynetta Welch): Ideal Ball Holder. Strong enough for a ball, gentle enough for an egg. Attaches inside coat. $30

Fakini: Frank Radtke's Fakini products are considered the best by many. They have a rubbery surface that makes control and handling easier in most cases. Their products come in several sizes and colors, and they also make eggs and golf ball sets. Fakini balls are not cheap. There are some who don't care for the feel of these sets, so if possible, try them out before you buy. Usually available at Denny & Lee's or Stevens Magic
Fakini Multiplying Balls: Available in 1.75, 2, and special 1 5/8" sizes. In white, orange, magenta, and yellow. $90-100
Multiplying Golf Balls: $70
Diminishing Billiard Ball: Billiard ball shrinks twice then vanishes $35
Flash Four: Instant production of 4 white 2" billiard balls. $155
Multiplying Eye Balls: 1.75" multiplying balls for the bizarre. $199.99, made exclusively for Fantasma Magic

Funtastic Magic: Dream Multiplying Silicon Balls (DMSB). 1.58" Diameter white silicon balls, made in Italy. Includes four balls, two gimmicks, and an instructional DVD by Diego Jazzhand Finottie. Video includes: Basic shell technique, Basic routine, Advanced routine, Two shell routine, Classic palm, Finger palm, Toss vanish, Palm to plum, Continue production, Cardini's ball roll, Ball roll, V vanish, Shell subtlety, and more. 

Funtime Magic (Calcutta, India) Funtime makes inexpensive magic items. Funtime Magic
Ball Holders: Metal wire accessory clips to your clothing
Ball & Vase (plastic): Cheap plastic Ball & Vase
Ball & Silk Vase: Wooden Ball & Vase, with addition of Silk element.
Diminishing Billiard Ball: Wood ball, reduces in size three times.
Golf Ball & Silk Vase: A ball & vase with a white silk and golf ball
Multiplying Glitter Balls. From the website: "This set of Multiplying Balls has a large number of mirrored prisms over their entire surface. These "Mirrors" produce a sparkling glitter effect when a light beam (or spotlight) hits them. The protrusions also make for a much firmer grip on the balls and shell. We supply you the complete set of four Balls and shell for the classic Multiplying Ball Effect, along with a printed, illustrated instruction tutor, - a printed booklet (4" x 5.5",  24 pages, and 36 illustrations) that covers all the basic moves for the classic Multiplying Balls effect, like the Basic Multiplying move, various palming methods, different vanishes and transfers, and use of ball holders, in addition to complete easy and advanced routines."
Multiplying Billiard Balls: In plastic, available in Red, Yellow, or White. (website does not state diameter)
Multiplying Billiard Balls: Wood, 1.5". Includes 4 balls and the gimmick, carry bag and instructions.
Multiplying Golf Balls: Doesn't state diameter, though photo looks similar to 1.5" balls. Plastic.
Silver Sphere Combo: Three Balls, One Silk Ball, and One Shell. Made of Brass and Chrome Plated.

Goodway Magic: Ball Dropper. Use with either 1.75" or 2" Fakini Balls. Drop multiple balls. $23 Stevens Magic

Hank Lee Multiplying balls. Hank Lee's extensive site lists several versions of multiplying balls, though they don't list the manufacturer. Included are: Multiplying Balls in red: 1-1/2" Multiplying Balls - $12.50, Multiplying Balls Beginner's Set - $2.00, Tournament Multiplying Golf Balls. Compound rubber white. Set of 4 $40.00, Flash Four Golf Ball Production $30.00, Diminishing Golf Ball Made in Tournament style. $15.00 Hank Lee's.

Magic by Gosh: Multiplying Sponge Balls, sometimes referred to as the Chicago Ball Trick. The advantage of using multiplying sponges is you can then move into a sponge ball routine. $5 Tannen's Magic

Magicland of Dallas: Ball and Cone: Homing Ball Routine with Black Leather cone, 2 wooden white balls, 1 wooden red ball and Johnny Brown's routine. Long unavailble, Magicland is now closed...

Millward, George: Cone for the Ball & Cone. Soft, yet sturdy leather cone. 6.25" high, inner diameter 2 5/8" bottom, 7/8" top. $80 Nielsen Magic

Morrisey Magic: Crochet Multiplyng Balls. Four 1.5" balls and gimmick. $15

Owen Magic Supreme: Owen Billiard Ball Sets. Hand Turned Maple and lacquer finished. Three Balls and a Shell. In 1.75 and 2" sizes. $295 Owen Magic Supreme

Reesman, Matthew: Appearing Golf Balls. No shell used. Four golf balls appear and vanish one at a time. Includes 4 white golf balls, one yellow for a color change, one jumbo for a size change, and color photo-illustrated instructions for three routines. $15

Rogers, John: 3 Ball Routine Plus 4 Balls. Utilizes custom 1.25" silicon balls from Fakini. Professional routine (not for beginners) as performed by John at FFFF 1999. Uses no volunteers, table, or net. $50 WoodenCigars

Sankey, Jay: Behind the 8 Ball. Two in the hand, one in the pocket routine. Uses miniature 8-balls with large 8 ball climax. $12.50. Steven's Magic

Spangler, Steve/WREN Enterprises: Bounce No Bounce Balls. The ball will bounce for the magician, but not for the spectator.Steve's version are 1". $14.95

Super Magic: Multiplying Balls - Gorilla Grip. I'm not sure the difference between these and the Arlen Studio's set (also with "Gorilla Grip"). Includes three 1.75"  balls and two shells. Scoops Magic Shop includes a shell of a different color (red/white). One site also had (Nov 2009) these in yellow. $30

Tannen's Magic Multiplying Balls. Tannen's Magic also lists several versions of multiplying balls. Included are: 30mm red billiard ball R-109...$8.50, 35mm red billiard ball R-110...$10.50, 40mm red billiard ball R-112...$15.00, 45mm red billiard ball R-113...$20.00, 50mm red billiard ball R-114...$25.00, Pro Tournament Golf Balls (white, per set) HF-123...$50.00, Pro Tournament Golf Balls (color, per set) HF-128...$55.00, Four-ball gimmick ball fan (white) Climax HF-126...$50.00, Four ball gimmick ball fan (color) HF-129...$55.00, 1-3/4" Smooth Billiard Balls (white or color) HF-130...$65.00 Tannen's Magic

Vernet Magic: Vernet makes a variety of Ball Magic Vernet Magic
Fountain Silk Ball. You have a ball in your hand and instantly changes into a 18" silk. The set comes with one extra ball which can be used as a hankball. It also matches the other Vernet Balls. $23
Multliplication of Balls: Made of a lightweight ABS plastic with a look of chrome. Balls are spiked for grip and more visible appearance (some may find them too gaudy). $25
Multiplying Colored Balls: As above, but now available in Green, Blue, White, Pink, or Yellow. Three balls and one shell.
Balls Climax. Produce another 4 balls instantly in your other hand. $23
Multiplying Soap Bubbles: clear plastic balls look like soap bubbles. $25
Silk to Ball: Potental way to start your routine; made of the same silver glitter material.
Ball Holder Simple: Wire holder with safety pin attachment.

Viking Manufacturing: Unique Ball Holder. Holds a single ball from 1.125 to 2.125" in diameter, and once released, folds flat. Impact durable, pliable plastic. From Germany. $8 Viking Manufacturing

Various: Wooden Billiard Balls. Various shops carry wooden sets of billiard balls, some from Germany, some elsewhere. Wooden balls may be a bit more slippery, but some prefer the feel and handling of this type of ball. Prices vary. A set for about $17 was spotted at Magic Makers