StepShot 2011 Review

27 Sep 2011
Introduction: ShotSolutions' StepShot is a screen capturing tool that allows you to produce quick documentation for Windows applications. Let's say you want to perform a review of a software product such as NTWind's WinSnap screen capture tool. In the old way, you would run through the program and take multiple individual screen shots of the programs various features. Then you would open up Word, or Adobe Acrobat, or some other editor, and begin to write your review. For each screenshot, you'd use an image editor to place the appropriate annotations on the image for your review.

StepShot makes all of this much easier. It allows you to automatically capture screens as you walk through a program, or you can still manually take screen caputres if you prefer. All of the captured images are stored in StepShot, and you can alter each image, re-arrange them, and add text that will appear below the image.

When you are done, you "export" your final document to HTML, PDF or several other formats. I tried the program out, and produced a quick review document for the NTWind product mentioned above, Please keep in mind that I did not take the time to perfect the output - I just wanted a quick look at what StepShot could do!

StepShot can be found at:
How it Works: In a nutshell, you work in "record" or manual mode, and run through the process of using the application. StepShot captures each screen that you want to document, and displays it in a "history" work area for further processing.
Stepshot Main Screen
Stepshot has three main tab work areas: File, which performs recording session management (see image above), History (shown below), which displays all of your captured screens, and Edit History Item (further below), which is the built-in editor that allows you to annotate and modify each screen grab.
StepShot 2 History
Above is the History Screen. Along the left column you can see all the screenshots that have been taken for my WinSnap review. From this page, you can perform additional manual scans, launch a session recording, re-order captures, insert a blank screen, and more.
StepShot Edit History Item
The Edit History Item screen allows you to annotate each screen capture. You can draw lines, insert boxes and text, and more. At the bottom of the screen is where you enter the title of each page, and enter the accompany text that describes the step or screens.
When you are satisfied with your work, you go back to the History screen, and export your final product. Click on the link below to see my finished review of WinSnap, as performed with StepShot!

NTWind WinSnap Review: winsnap.pdf

While I don't think I will replace my use of WinSnap for general purpose screen capture, I really like StepShot's ease of use, clean screens, and wide variety of functions. It offers a good set of screen capture capabilities, and makes it very easy to compile them all into a single document with added annotations and text. Recommended!

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