Computer Security Websites of Interest:

Last Update: 01 Oct 2009

This is a new section here. I will be pointing out selected websites about lesser-known computer security websites and issues. Expect this page to grow each month as new sites are highlighted.

Sunbelt Software

Sunbelt Software has been around for quite some time but for some reason doesn't quite make the headlines as much as companies such as McAfee and Symantec. However, they offer a good anti-virus program called VIPRE, and a good firewall program as well. They have a great Family Licensing plan that allows you to use VIPRE and Sunbelt Personal Firewall on all your home PCs (up to 5) at one decent price.

Their claim-to-fame for the Anti-Virus program is that it is very resource efficient, and does not slow down your processing, making it a great solution for Netbooks. I've been using it for close to a year now and can highly recommend the products.


Microsoft Security Essentials

I should also note here that Microsoft has recently released Microsoft Security Essentials for FREE, if you are a user of genuine Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7. See details here:

I have used Microsoft's Forefront for some time on a work computer, and it seems to be very well done. It will be interesting to see how this free application from Microsoft pans out.



Hakin9 is an IT Security Magazine with a twist: it covers not just defensive security but also offensive (attacks).

While this may be controversial, you can best defend your system by better understanding how it can be attacked. The annual "Blackhat" conference (, is, in fact, attended by many "whitehats" in the industry as well, so that they can understand the latest in offensive technology and thus be able to come up with better defenses.

Hakin9 provides how-to's, reviews, commentary and more. They have a newsetter and a forum section, in addition to the magazine.

Hakin9 is a subscription magazine, but there is also plenty of excellent free information at the website as well, and is well worth your visit.