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Last update: 02 Jun 2006
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Food Allergies and Health

Salicylate Intolerance Updated 02 June 2006 (fixed link, rewrote a bit) Do you have reactions when you take Aspirin? Do you have unexpained pains, dizzy spells, etc.? When my wife was 12, she began to have joint pains that resulted in her needing a cane by the age of 19! It turned out that her allergic reaction to Aspirin indicated an intolerance to salicylates, which appear in almost all vegtables and fruits, especially grapes, oranges, and tomatoes. This paper describes this condition, which is actually much more widespread than we ever realized. If you suffer from an allergic reaction to Aspirin, read this. If you suffer from unexplained joint pains or other allergic reactions, read this! Please note: this is NOT medical advice. We are not doctors. Always consult a doctor before starting any diet or taking supplements.

Men's Face Shaving: Although I've used an electric razor on occassion, I never found it to shave closely enough. Most of the time, I simply used a standard Gilette Sensor razor and cheap shaving cream. A relatively short time ago, I discovered some web-sites that spoke about the art of wet shaving with a brush (like our Fathers used to do), and present that information here for your enjoyment!

Wet Shaving: this article presents an overview of the process and tons of links to a great close-shaving experience! July 2003