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Last update: April 2015
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MP3 is a computer file format designed to compress audio files into small sizes. In an uncompressed form, a Music CD would consume about 10 Megabytes of hard drive space for every minute of audio. The MP3 audio format allows the file to be compressed, so that a 60 minute sermon, rather than taking up 600 Megabytes, could fit into a file about 20 Megabytes in size or smaller.

MP3 is a lossy format, meaning that the MP3 file does not sound as good as the original. However, the various parameters of the encoding can be adjusted so that the MP3 file sounds very close to the original. The main tradeoff is size; larger files will sound closer to the original.

You may have a library of cassette tapes with sermons that you would like to listen to. Using MP3, you can now store many of these sermons on a single CD-ROM disk for play in a computer or portable MP3 CD player such as the Apple iPod.

Use the links below or the TABS across the top of the page to naviagate to the various articles:

Transferring Cassettes to CDR: An article on how to transferr your old cassette tapes to MP3 format Oct 2009 (minor updates)

CD Labeling Programs: A review and link page to programs that allow you to create labels for your CDs. (Please note: putting paper labels on DVD is not a good idea as it upsets the balance of the disk) Oct 2003

Digital Audio Editors and Tools: Provides brief descriptions and a long list of many of the available WAV editors and other software tools that will be handy for digital audio processing, CD burning, converting to MP3, and so forth. Last Update Mar 2010

Please note that unless the originator has provided permission to copy, the resulting MP3 sermon files should be used for personal use only to preserve copyrights.

Some Christian Links for sources of MP3 sermons, Bibles, etc: The Sermon Audio website has tons of MP3 files you can listen to live or download for later listening. There are quite a variety of theological views represented, so surf with caution!