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The following are web pages that I have found valuable for Bible study or general information about Christian subjects. I hope you find them vaulable as well. If you are looking for Bible software, please check out my Bible Software Reviews pages, which contain links to the various program web sites.

Please e-mail me at if you find a bad link.

All links last checked April 2015

Quality Books & Media for Christian Growth:  Reb Bradley's Family Ministries. Mr. Bradley's "Biblical Insights into Child Training: Helping yours become a delightful family" is an excellent resource for raising children. I need to listen to this one again and again... Site also has some good online articles to read for free. Answers In Genesis. Excellent resource for Creation science and educational materials to build a solid foundation for your children. The Chapel Library at Mt. Zion Bible Church in Pensacola, FL. Check the Library section for the summer 2004 issue of the Free Grace Broadcaster newsletter. It contains a wealth of articles from the 1600-1900's on Family Worship. Harvey Bluedorn's "Old Paths" site offers a nice paper and an 18Meg Mp3 audio file on family worship that is well worth listening to.

General Info and Stores:  Darkness To Light Ministry by Gary Zeolla. Home of the Analytical-Literal Translation (ALT), information on Bible Translations, Calvinism, Baptist Theology, and much more. Good source of hard to find books  Good source of homeschool literature and reprints of materials from the 1800's    Providence Baptist Ministries A.W. Pink, John Gill Archives: complete books in HTM Excellent resource for Christian worldview and homeschooling. I feel "Teaching the Trivium" is a must have book. The Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Creationism: Answers In Genesis; Creation Magazine Eric Hovind's site (son of Kent Hovind, of DrDino fame)    Institute for Creation Research

Bible Memory Programs: Scripture memory Inverse Scripture memorization Memlok Bible Memory System

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