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Bible Version Debate Resources

The following are some of the books, papers, and websites that I have found helpful in researching the issue of Bible Versions.
Please note that I do not endorse all of the information at the sites below.

Green, Jay P. Sr: The Gnostics, The New Versions, and The Deith of Christ. Sovereign Grace Publishers Excellent smaller book (113 pages) comparing 9 Bible versions on 110 Verses concerning the Deity of Christ
Green, Jay P. Sr (editor): Unholy Hands on the Bible, Volume II. Sovereign Grace Trust Fund Excellent huge volume comparing modern versions with a more literal translation of the Scriptures. Many, many examples.
Hill, Edward: The King James Version Defended Good treatise of this subject. Electronic versions might be available on the Web.
Martin, Robert: Accuracy of Translation. The Banner of Truth Trust. Good paperback disussing the issue of the manner of translation found in the NIV and finding it wanting. Far Eastern Bible College: Writings by Jeffrey Khoo such as Kept Pure in All Ages; The KJV-NIV Debate; and others Gary Zeolla's Darkness to Light site contains a well balanced view with a leaning toward the Majority Text
Features his book, Differences Between Bible Versions BibleBelievers; lots of Pro-KJV articles

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