Zorn, Steven:The Little Book of Magic Tricks
©1994 Running Press
ISBN: 9781561383597
Hardbound, 127 pages, small 3x3.5"
Little Book of Magic Tricks
Image courtesy GranHoudini.net

Comments (Stephen Sparks): Twenty Astounding, Easy-To-Learn Magic Tricks (Miniature Editions)


1 Introduction
2 Jump, Jump
3 The Healing Handkerchief
4 Spare Change
5 Penny Through the Elbow
6 Not Knot
7 The Mind Meld
8 The Floating Knife
9 Seeing Sports
10 The Telltale Timepiece
11 I've Got Your Number
12 The Mystical Matchbox, Part 1
13 The Mystical Matchbox, Part 2
14 The Mysterious Ring Thing
15 Read Any Good Minds Lately
16 Thrown for a Loop
17 The Quick Clip Trick
18 The Magic Matches
19 The Dance of the Single Veil
20 The Hanky Panky Coin Vanish
21 The Cut and Restored Rope.