Zimmerman, Dick: Creative Magic
©1973 Dick Zimmerman, CA
Paper, stapled, 8.5x11", 11 pages
Creative Magic
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Comments: a lot of magic packed into these short notes.


3 Super Sucker Rope Trick: cut and restored
4 Surprise Ball Routine: multiplying golf balls
5 The Ultimate Vanish: silk handkerchief from jar
6 Sleeveless Stretching: of a rope
7 Miracle Coin Production: coins and glass
8 Eveready Card in Wallet: card appears inside a transparent credit card carrier in the wallet
8 Challenge Coin Production: 15 coins produced with sleeves rolled up
9 The Second Switch: bill switch
10 Impromptu Card Stab: with a telescoping pen
11 Crystal Card Box: card crawls out