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Zander, John: Mixed Bag Lecture Notes
©2005 John Zander, Zander Magic
Softcover, comb-bound
Mixed Bag
              Lecture Notes
Image courtesy e-Bay seller jondb500

Comments: A lecture on Stage, Close-up, and Comedy Magic


1 To Make a Point: ESP magic
2 Pseudo Selections: cards
3 Re-Print: selection goes blank, front and back are printed on other cards, then merged to form the selection
4 Visual Drop Vanish: sleight of hand ball vanish
5 The Floating Sphere: illusion with a comedy ending
6 Your Card: stand-up card magic
7 Copy Cards
8 Double Lift Ideas:
9 - From the Spectator's Point of View
10 - Featuring Two Startling Card Changes
11 Way Off Base: Chop cup routine, stand-up
12 Say Stop!: Sight gag
13 Precious Metal: Sucker effect
14 Did It Leave a Mark?: Sight gag with a balloon