Zanadu: Zanadu Rope Magic
©1980 Zanadu, Revised Edition
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 36 pages
Zanadu Rope
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Sedonababy

Comments: There may be two editions of this, as my copy does not contain the last three effects listed below


1 Introduction: type of rope, scissors, etc.
2 Grandma's Necklace: two ropes freed from a block
4 Knots:
4 - One Hand Knot
5 - Snap Knot
6 Three to One Rope: three tied ropes become one
9 Houdini's Hanky: rope escape
10 Appearing Knots: knot appear in an instant
11 Wrap Around Vanish: string is cut by spectator and then restored
12 Impossible But!!: Rope is cleanly cut and instantly restored
12 The Envelope Rope Cut: rope through envelope is cut and restored
14 The Zanadu Cut and Restored Rope Routine: a full multi-phase routine
28 Traveling Knots: knots appear and then vanish
30 Tube Be: rope gains knots when drawn through a tube
31 No Knot: children's dissolving knot routine
32 Sawing A Woman in Half: a rope penetrates a spectator's mid-section
34 Zanadu High Priest Multiple Rope Cut: cut and restored rope with a story

36 Rope Penetration
38 Shrinking Rope Routines
40 Impossible Three Ropes Routine