York, Scott: Lecture
1975 Jeff Busby Magic
Softcover, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5", 51pages
(was also produced in 8.5x11" edition)
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Comments: Some great magic. Writing is all in CAPS, which is slightly irritating. Includes lots of line drawings to explain details, though some are kind of small. These are pretty thorough for "lecture notes", which is good. Recommended.


1 Introduction

3 Three Coins and a Ring: A sort of Coins to Glass without the glass followed by a coins across routine. Three coins are vanished from the hand to land on a finger ring on the table, then going into coins across.
12 Goldfinger: A coins through the tale is performed with four coins (not describe). Afterwards, one coin changes to gold when touched to a golden finger. Next the other three coins (already replaced in the coin purse) change to gold as well. Finally, the purse turns to gold. Performed seated.
21 A Ring Trilogy: Finger Ring on String routine with gimmicked rings. As a climax, the ring is looped on a safety pin and allowed to be examined. Seated.
24 Ringer: as appearing in Kabbala VII, #2. Modification of Ray Grismer's Ring on Rope move.
26 The Fabulous Red Snapper: A torn bill to snapper routine
33 Surprise Stab Revisited: A selected card ends up being the only card not shredded in the card box
36 The Back Clip: York's method for getting a coin into back clip
38 A Production of a Coin From a Dollar Bill (uses back clip)
39 A Classic Copper and Silver: in the spectator's hand, no gimmicked coins
41 Another Perspective on Chink A Chink: using bottle caps and a diamond shape instead of square.
44 A "Bit" With Four Coins: Coins through the table with a drill bit climax. Seated.
48 Simplex Card In Purse: A nice signed card in purse routine using a home-made rough/smooth deck. Seated.