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York, Scott: Coins
1975 Scott York
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 43 pages
Image from Magicref

Comments: A nice set of coin routines. I only just discovered my copy is missing pages 19-22 from the center of the book!
They must have fallen out as my copy is quite beat-up...I've updated the contents accordingly and added in the Han Ping Chien routine that is missing from my copy.



1 The Back Clip: York's method of getting coin into back clip position
3 A Triple Penetration of a Coin Through the Hand: uses two coins, back clip, references Galloway's Ramsay Legend.
5 A Transposition of Two Copper Coins With a Silver Coin: uses a C/S coin and a coin purse
11 Triple Change Spellbound: Brass to Silver to Copper to Brass, uses C/S coin. Recommends learning Dai Vernon's Spellbound first.
16 The Ring and the Penny Test: Gag using a Jumbo penny
17 Another Excedrin Headache for Roger: Variation of Connie Haden's Silver and Two Copper Transposition using Aspirin tins and the Silver and 2 Copper gimmicked coin set.
21 Han Ping Chien Again: coins across
23 The Blue Phantom, Close Up: a cap and pence routine using a custom stack manufactured from alternating English Pennies and Halves.
27 Coins to Glass: using 5 coins and a glass
31 A NonOkito Okito Routine: A magician fooler; no turnover used. Three phase routine using a C/S coin.