Yelma: Tricks of To-Day
©1914, Hamley Brothers Ltd, London, England
Softcover, 57 pages
Tricks of
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Comments:Contains early coverage of the Okito Box!

Contents (page numbers from José Antonio González Campos' electronic edition)

3 Preface
4 An Original Method of Working the Postal Order and Nest of Boxes
5 Thought Reading Outdone
6 The Baffler Rising Card Trick
7 The Novel Coin Stand
8 Le Roy’s “Mephisto” Burning Dress
9 The “Beat All” Candle and Coin Trick
10 The Mysterious Travelling Watch
11 Patter for Watch Trick
12 The Marvellous Cigarette Production
13 The Mysterious Travelling Coins and Handkerchief
14 The lmproved Knotted Handkerchief and Flag Trick
15 The Orient Coin Box
16 The Mysterious Vanishing Cigarette
17 The Miraculous Card Trick
17 Waite’s Improved Bran and Ink Trick
19 The Knotty Problem and Three Glass Tumblers
20 The Coin on String
21 The “Indian Turban.”
22 The Tango Coin Box
23 A Novel Method of Working the Multiplying Billiard Balls
24 Improvement on the Cards from Pocket to Pocket
24 Munro’s “Raffle” Coin Box
25 The “Jupiter” Dyeing Handkerchiefs and Flag Trick
27 The “Martian” Coin Box
28 The “Bacchus” Handkerchief and Tumbler
29 Le Roy’s Bewildering Hat and Doves Illusion
31 The Mysterious Travelling Cards
32 The Bewitched Billiard Balls
33 Le Roy’s Mysterious Photo Frame and Printed Card
35 The Latest Vanishing Wand
36 Programme Suggestions