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Yedid, Meir: Now-U-C-It Now-U-Don't
©1990, 1991, 1997 Meir Yedid Magic, NJ
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 47 pages
Image from Magicref

Comments: "More than 50 moves, routines and ideas". Part of a book, video, and gimmick set featuring a coin gimmick. Artwork by Aldrin Aw, Typography and Layout by Sapient Enterprise.


7 Forword (Meir Yedid): 1990
8 Preparation: adjustment of the gimmick
9 Introduction

11 Utility Moves
11 The Killer Move (Jeff Stewart): the main move for the gimmick
13 Back and Front (Jeff Stewart)
14 Rest Concealments
15 Snap Subtlety (Ken Krenzel)
15 Ball Back Palm (Meir Yedid)
16 Angly Transfer (Ken Krenzel)

17 Vanishes
17 Fist Vanish (Jeff Stewart)
17 Fling-Back (Jeff Stewart)
18 Dump Vanish (Meir Yedid)
18 Vanish in Spectator's Hand (Meir Yedid)
19 Rub Away Vanish (Jeff Stewart)
20 Pitch Vanish (Ken Krenzel)
20 Retention Placement (Jeff Stewart)
21 Palm-Up Retention Vanish (Ken Krenzel)
22 Toss Away Vanish (Ken Krenzel)
22 Slide Vanish (Meir Yedid)
23 Pen-Stroke Vanish (Ken Krenzel)
24 Purse Frame Vanish (Jeff Stewart)

25 Appearances
25 Coin Catching (Ken Krenzel)
25 Clenched Appearance (Ed Mellon & James Swoger)
26 Thimble Production (Thimble Production)
26 Pocket Production
27 Ball Appearance (Bob Friedhoffer)
27 Throw Streamer Production (Steve Schneiderman)
27 Container Load (Meir Yedid)
27 Silk From Nowhere (Bob Friedhoffer)

29 Penetrations
29 Coin Through Hand (Ken Krenzel)
30 Fake-Take Coin Through Hand (Ken Krenzel)
30 Coin Through Table (Ken Krenzel)
31 Channel Back Up (Ken Krenzel)
32 Hand to Hand Transpo (Ken Krenzel)

33 Routines
33 Disintegration Finger Ring (Meir Yedid): ring vanishes from finger
34 Bill Switch (Bob Friedhoffer)
35 Let's Make Change (John Cornelius): half split to dimes
36 Misers Fantasies (Ken Krenzel): use for multiple coin production
37 Vanish from a Borrowed Hand (Jeff Stewart): one vanishes from a pile
37 Strength Test (Bob Friedoffer & Meir Yedid): bending coin
38 Sealed Metamorphosis (Meir Yedid & Jeff Stewart): quarter and half transpo
38 Torn Card Vanish (Bob Friedhoffer): vanish of a torn card
39 Coin N' Bill (Meir Yedid): coin vanishes in folded dollar
40 51 Cents to Go (John Cornelius): Half and penny vanish one at a time
40 61 Cents to Go (John Cornelius): for three coins
41 Multiple Coins (Jeff Stewart): poor man's $1.35 trick
41 Flying Coin (David Regal): for shot glass and coin
42 Bloody Mess (Meir Yedid): theatrical effect
42 Bare Handed Snow Storm (Steve Schneiderman): use for Snow Storm in China

43 Miscellaneous (Ideas)
43 Livestock
43 Gloved Vanish
43 Mat Steals
43 Tack
44 Appearing Cane
44 Personalized Medallion
44 Double the Fun
44 Gotta Light?
44 Midas Touch
45 Rope Idea
45 Delivering a Message
45 Button-Up
45 Center Tear Stal
45 Aligator Deception

47 History