Wimhurst, Andrew: Down Under Deals
©1998 Andrew Wimhurst
Paper, spiral-bound, 56 pages
Down Under Deals
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Coronasmith

Comments: Lecture notes on the card technique of Andrew Wimhurst. Each effect in this book is well described with excellent photographs. The material ranges from straight card magic to more advanced gambling routines. This booklet is for the intermediate and advanced cardman


1 The $1,000.00 Test Card Transmission
3 Dr. Doolittle
4 Bulletproof
7 The Fan Control
8 Shuffle Shift
11 The Spectator Estimates The Aces
16 Spread Em'
18 Kicked in The Face
21 Fan Peek
23 The Awesome Foursome
25 Faster Shuffle
27 Memoirs of a Stud
29 The Greek Deal
31 The Centre deal
35 The Wimhurst Poker deal
37 The Expert at the Bridge Table
41 The Ultimate Topsy Turvy Aces
44 Cooler Shuffle
47 The Return of The Ultimate Card Shark
55 The Natural