Wilson, R. Paul: 13
©2002 R. Paul Wilson, A ConCam Production
Softcover, spiral bound, 32 pages

Comments: Also available as an e-book from R. Paul Wilson


i Foreword (Earl Nelson)
1 Uprising: Selection rises from the spread deck
3 Threadbare: Handling for ITR and floating bill
5 1002.5 Aces: Yet another Ace assembly
7 Through 3: Coins through the table (no gimmicks)
10 Thief of Hearts: A couple's card trick
13 Gone Wishin': Three coins from an empty purse vanish and are found again (expanded shell)
16 Fl-Ash: Flash paper revelation with a card transformation
17 Hovercraft: Deck of cards (could be borrowed) seems to float with only one end supported
18 The Back Four (Pithleavis Aces Mk II): Four Aces lost and found
20 A New Wave: three coins hand to hand (three soft coins, no gaffs)
24 Punch Too: Four cards help find a selection, and the audience thinks the magician will fail from the beginning
26 Box-witch: Utility card switch using the card case
28 Blin-Pen: Torn and restored bill to pen with instant reset
32 And Finally: A bonus Ace effect you have to unscramble!