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Willmarth, Phillip: James P. Ryan Bar Magic Lecture Notes
©1977 James P. Ryan and Philip R. Willmarth
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 17 pages
Bar Magic
              Lecture Notes
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Comments: Written and illustrated by Philip R. Willmarth. Pub. by Willmarth and Associates, Inc.

Note: The Jim Ryan Close Up Series had five books: 1 - Sensational Stunners; 2 - Entertaining Card Quickies; 3 - Classic Card Routines; 4 - The Famous Cups and Balls Routine; and (not numbered) James P. Ryan Lecture Notes - Bar Magic.


i Introduction
1 The Static Matches: a box match jumps from the hand
2 Off With Its Head!: variation of above
2 The Broken and Restored Match: wooden match is broken and restored
3 Ash Wednesday: ashes penetrate spectator's palm
4 Thimble Fun!: a small thimble routine with a hat
5 The Sexiness Tester: a toothpick vibrates to show how sexy someone is
7 Oops, Broke the Band!: broken and restored rubber band
8 Good Night, George!: rubber band slowly creeps back into the fist
8 Cathy's Screwy Finger Bit: finger stunt
9 The Bill Tear: torn and restored, great for the Bar
11 Jim's Quick Spell: card speller
12 Al Leech's Red Hot Mama: card turns red and more!
13 Almost Impromptu Solid Ghost: a solid object appears to be under a handkerchief, and then vanishes
14 Jim's Thumb Tie: comedy thumb tie
16 Fatima Was a Dancer: gag with a handkerchief