Williams, Ned: Something New in Magic
©1929 Edward Bagshawe & Co., London, U.K.
Hardcover, 86 pages
Something New
              in Magic
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Comments: "Being a collection of original effects invented by Ned Williams." Compiled by Edward Bagshawe, illustrated by Alex. Gordon, with a cover design by Sid Lorraine.


9 Introduction

11 Silk Section
11 Novel Silk Changes
14 The "Silko" Table Change
17 A New "Sun and Moon"
20 The Penetrating Tumbler

24 Card Section
24 A Card Restored
26 Four-Ace Supreme
29 The "Zomah" Force

32 Miscellaneous Section
33 A Colour-Changing Wand
34 The Penetrating Ball
37 Ink Transposition
40 The Psychic Cigarettes
42 "Will O' the Wisp"
45 The Clothes-Line Mystery
50 The Wandering Fan
52 Rope Thro' the Body
55 Telepathic Paper-Tearing
57 A Mistake, But...
60 A Castle Conundrum
62 "Castles In the Air"
66 The Expanding Watch
69 The Transparent Man
72 A Wand Vanishes

73 Comedy Section
73 Deceptive Photography
76 One Bottle - Two Bouquets!
78 The Super Soup Server
80 The Petrol-Lighter

82 Jottings From My Notebook