Williams, Ben: Repertoire Vol. 2
©2010 Ben Williams
eBook, 28 pages
              Volume 2
Image courtesy MagicFromTheUnderground

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Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 PoPoMoWa: stands for pocket, pocket, mouth, wallet. A Card routine.
2 Sandwich Feast: an in-the-spectator's hands Card sandwich routine
3 Spectator Locator: multi selection routine
4 Cold and Lonely: Ben's take on the Anniversary Waltz (cards)
5 Peek Dribble Selection: utlity peek
6 Peek Riffle Key Card: another peek
7 Card to Spectator's Wallet: variation of the card to wallet
8 On Back: Selection (or business card) appears on spectator's back
9 Three Free Rides: another multi selection effect to the spectator's pocket
10 Sleightly Confused (Signed & Unsigned): Torn & Restored routine with invisible tearing!
11 Signed and Dated: anohter torn & restored card