Wiersbe, Warren: Mental Cases With Cards
1946 Ireland Magic Co, Chicago, IL
1968 Magic Inc., 2nd Printing
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 30 pages
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Mental Cases With Cards
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Comments (Lybrary.com): Warren places utmost importance on the effect and uses whatever method suits him to achieve it: mathematics, stacks, crimps, sleights, etc. He credits Ed Marlo for clarifying and simplifying his work.

Contents: (source: book, updated Feb 2016)

3 Preface (Warren Wiersbe)

5 Packet Prediction: clever card location
7 Miracle Do As I Do: matching three pairs of cards
9 In My Estimation ...: demonstration of supposed card estimation
10 Blindfold Poker Deal
12 CardiIllusion: card is discovered and three others change entirely
15 Double Separation: continuation of a Bob-Hummer effect
16 Royal Mentalism: thought of card found among face-up and face-down cards
19 Superstitious Mentalism: using the number 13
20 Peek!: a location
22 Divination Supreme: variation of a Hugard effect
24 Think-a-card - Wiersbe version
26 A Change in Number: selection moves from one number to another
27 Fantispell: speller

28 Part II
28 Pasteboard Affinity:  a complete routine with eight effects using the Si Stebbins stack.
29 Stacking the Deck
30 Tattle Tale Cards
31 Up to Nine
31 Super Spread Effect
32 Dual Decisions
33 Wiersbe Super Countdown
35 Remote Control
36 Miracle Peek