White, Joseph M: A Scotch Brand of Magic
©1967 Abbott's Magic Mfg. Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 39 pages
A Scotch Brand of Magic
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Comments: "Introducing a New Method of Tape Palming by Joseph M. White, Midget Magician."
Now available as an e-book from Abbott's Magic.

Contents (from book ToC, updated Feb 2016):

1 Preface
4 Tape Palming
6 Barehand Coin Vanish
7 Framed!: four coins are thrown into a picture frame. Uses Abbott's Ultra Coin Stand
8 Smooth As Silk Coin Vanish: coin vanish from silk
9 Escape and Capture: coin vanish from silk and found in box
9 Peek-A-Boo Coin Production: coin production from silk
10 The Shell Game: coin production in the hands
13 Scotch Miser's Dream
15 Coins Carte Blanche: coins poured into the spectator's hand have one missing
16 Double Faced Coin: poor man's Scotch and Soda
16 Fishin' Chips: red poker chip changes to blue under blue handkerchief
17 Passe Passe Chips: poker chip transposition
18 Ball of a Different Color: as above, but with balls
19 Billiard Ball Passe: yet another version
20 A Sweet Taste of Magic: sugar turns into a sugar cube in the fist
21 Smooth as Silk: Silks change color, vanish, and appear
22 Flashy Silk Production: production
23 Dropped by Mistake: sucker torn and restored paper
25 Billet Do: a scotch brand of mentalism!
25 Card Force Effect: card prediction appears to go wrong
26 Color It Red: pencil or wand color change
26 A Magnetic Effect: the magnetized wand, updated
27 Match This One: matchbook changes color
28 Twin Bill: idea
28 Doggone Card Trick: spectator's card selection is found missing and found in magician's pocket
30 Card Vanish Supreme: Card selection vanishes from the deck
32 A Face Lift: instant card color change
33 Holy Smoke!: cigarette ideas
35 Tape Producing a Cigarette: technique
37 Holy Cow!: a milk routine for kid's shows, uses a Milk Pitcher