West, Larry & Art Emerson: Lecture Notes: A New Direction In Magic-New Surprises
©1982 published by Larry West & Art Emerson
Softcover, stapled, 14 pages

Comments [Stewart Tame]: Yes, *that* Emerson & West. Larry's forte was sleight of hand; Art's is routining. They made quite a team. There are no dates to be found anywhere so an exact copyright date is tricky. I know that I bought these notes about 1986 or '87 and they looked a little old then, so I'm guessing 1980 or earlier.


1 Duplicates--Magician places a fan of a dozen or so red backed cards on the table, then holds up blue backed card and announces that it is a prediction, spectator pushes out any card from fan, magician shows that it matches prediction, other red backed cards have letters on them that spell out "Duplicates" or any other message the magician cares to convey.
2 The Mating Game--Spectator shuffles cards, two packets dealt from deck, magician selects card from one, spectator from the other, packets spread face down, spectator selects card from magician's packet and vice versa, each has chosen other's card.
3 Larry West's Magic Cards--Five letter cards are shown to spell M-A-G-I-C on one side and C-A-R-D-S on the other, spectator selects card from deck and keeps it face down in front of them, then selects one of the letter cards, it is rubbed against the face down selection and the face becomes superimposed over the letter.
4 Jumbo Magic Cards--Same as above with jumbo cards.
4 Jumbo Blinkety--Spectator selects card, four blank jumbo cards shown on both sides, back prints on on, face of selected card on another, face and back eventually wind up on same card and magician is left with three blank jumbo cards and one jumbo duplicate of spectator's card, all of which can be examined.
5 Jumbo Mate--Version of The Mating Game with jumbo cards.
7 The Pegasus Page by Arthur J. Emerson Jr.--Spectator chooses one of three paperbacks, magician riffles pages until spectator calls, "Stop," spectator looks at page and remembers page number, magician closes book and hands it to spectator, magician writes name of book on one side of a cardboard slate, and the page number chosen on one side of another, slates placed together with written surfaces facing and given to another spectator, fist spectator looks in book for page and finds it torn out, second spectator separates slates to find missing page between them.
9 Shopping Spree-The Gloves--Part of a longer routine, box handed to female spectator to hold, set of cards shown with various items written on them, scarf, blouse, gloves, etc., ten in all, spectator chooses number between one and ten, perform counts to that card, which turns out to be gloves, spectator asked to choose color: white or blue, box opened to show pair of gloves in that color, spectator asked her size, and adhesive label in box shown to be printed with the chosen size.
11 Shopping Spree-The Check--Part of longer routine, price lists from seven different stores shown, each selling the same five items at different prices, spectator asked to choose one of each of the five items from a different store, total added up, magician displays sealed envelope with dummy check inside made out for exact total.
13 The Nightmare Rope--Variation on Professor's Nightmare, three ropes of unequal lengths placed in one hand, ends brought together and ropes visibly stretched out to same length, handed to audience for examination to show that they really are three equal length ropes, one rope tied together at ends making ring of rope, pulls knotted ends into fist, then quickly pulls opposite part of rope showing knot has vanished, ring of rope reformed with knot, knot cut away, ends pulled into fist, pulled out to show tied in knot again.