West, Brother Paul: Ground Zero 2.0
The Ramblings of a Street Magician
©1998 Brother Paul West
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 36 pages
Ground Zero
Image courtesy Grand Illusions

Comments: Available from Brother Paul West (www.brotherpaulmagic.com) or Grand Illusions.


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1 Introduction: about the lecture
2 Thoughts on Conjuring: what it's all about
3 Thoughts, Magic and Wonder: Motivation & thinking about magic
6 - Technique
6 - Persona
7 - Character
7 - Purpose
8 - Showmanship
8 The Show-Thought Process: constructing your act for the street
10 Think! Putting It Out On Paper - Writing: the importance of scripting
11 A Match Box Balance: a simple attraction getter for the bar
12 Sound, Light & Music: and keeping it portable
15 Setting the Street Stage
15 - Prop Management
16 BP's Bill In Cigarette Routine: non-smoking friendly as the cigarette is never lit!
19 Taking the Plunge - The Start: getting the crowd
20 Goals vs. Results: setting expectations
20 BP's Rope Routine: can be performed completely surrounded at at the drop of a hat
26 Passing the Hat - For a Living: making the show worthy
27 Magicians Taking Care of Magicians?: importance of community
30 The Rice Bowls: for the street!
34 Experience The Show: something to do before the show
35 It Takes Balls: Making a spectacle of yourself
36 Dress: what to wear
36 In Closing