Wenk, Timothy: Insomnia
©1988 Metempirical Magic, Stockbridge, MA
Paper, 29 pages, 5.5x8.5"
Image courtesy GranHoudini.net

Comments (Stephen Sparks):Manuscript for Timothy Wenk's version of Professor's Nightmare routine with colored ropes


1 A History of Insomnia
2 The Insomnia Theory
3 Getting Into Insomnia
4 Practicing
5 The Devastating Effects
6 A Suitable Restoration
7 Three Equal Ropes
8 Three Separate Ropes
9 The First Con
10 The Sucker Explanation
11 Illusion Becomes Reality
12 Reality What A Concept
13 Full Circle
14 Three Equal Ropes...Again!
15 Leaving Insomnia
16 A Suitable Cut and Restored Sequence