Wells, Billy: Duplicate Deceptions
©1993 Hades Publications
Softcover, 6x9, 111 pages
ISBN: 0-921298-17-X

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Comments: Why the title Duplicate Deceptions? Because Billy Wells Breaks new ground with the classic duplicate card principle. Introducing "The Dupel Deck"; Billy's adaptation of an old idea that always keeps you "one-ahead" of the audience. Although some of the effects are suitable for close-up settings, the majority have been created for stage and polished through hundreds of stand-up presentations. In addition to his excellent routines, Billy has included indispensable tips on related props and sleights. Duplicate Deceptions is an investment that will pay big returns to you again and again.


5 About the Author
7 The Dupel Deck

9 Effects

11 Chapter 1 Penetrations
11 Card off Ribbon
14 Card Through Table
18 Rising Card in Handkerchief

27 Chapter 2 Duplications
27 Contact Print
29 Copycat Cards
33 Sympathetic Cards

39 Chapter 3 Restorations
39 Torn and Restored Card
42 Phoenix Card
45 Card Restoration in Card Packet
47 Card In Bubble

53 Chapter 4 Discoveries
53 Signed Card Stab
55 Card on String
59 Card in Balloon
62 Flaming Card
66 Out of the Bag

71 Chapter 5 Transferences
71 Invisible Flight
75 Flyaway Card
79 An Envelope Stand
80 Card in Wallet
85 Cards Up the Sleeve

97 Chapter 6 Miscellaneous
97 Switching a Deck
99 Color-blind
101 All the Same
102 A Deceptive Control
103 Making a "Short" Deck
105 The Palm Force
107 A Dollar for the Queen