Weiner, Irving: Simplicy Magic Lecture #2
©1952 (circa) Irving Weiner
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 15 pages
Simplicity Magic
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Comments: Lecture notes; fairly detailed. Includes valuable presentation advice.


1 Irv's Cigarette from Nowhere: magician rolls an invisible cigarette and it becomes real
3 My Impromptu Borrowed Bill in Cigarette: bill and handkerchief may be borrowed
5 Irv's Napkin Routine: paper napkin vanishes, then another is burnt and restored
6 My Favorite Coin Vanish - The Kleen Kut Coin Fold: paper fold
7 The Stapled Routine: coin vanishes from stabled 3x5 card, then produced again (all in picture form, but I didn't find them very clear)
8 Tri-Trans-Mental: three thought of cards transfer from one packet to another
11 Magic in the Silent Mora Style: a ball and silk routine
13 From Out of My Notebook: list of favorite effects to perform
14 The Dancing Egg Routine: silk and egg presentation
14 Would You Believe?: Cartoon