Webb, Gregg: The Book That Doesn't Exist, Volumes 1 & 2
©2002-2003 Gregg Webb
The Book That
              Doesn't Exist
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The Book That
              Doesn't Exist CD

Comments: Full volume available on CD-ROM. The collection includes Feen-X Volumes 1 & 2 (issues 1-24), The Book That Doesn't Exist, and The Society of Sleight of Hand Artists.


7 Chapter 1 Twistin’ The Night Away: A New Twist to Card Twisting Effects
9 Slowly I Turn: Thoughts on Quick Moves Vs. Smooth Moves
9 Johnny CardTrickSeeds: A Short Story
10 Brian Higgins Alternative to the Rub-A-Dub Vanish: A Different Card Vanish
11 Old Business: Thoughts on Stigmata Effects

12 Chapter 2 The No-Gimmick Sound Gimmick
12 Precursors: Two Coin Routines Without Sound
13 No-Gimmick Sound Gimmick: A Coin Routine With Sound Effects
14 The Library: Thoughts on Books
14 Silent Blasphemy: Another Story

16 Chapter 3 One Gambler Vs. Three Magicians
17 One Gambler Vs. Three Magicians: Progessive Ace Assembly With Different Color Backs
20 Olinksy’s Treasure: A True Story
21 The Library: Thoughts On Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond

22 Chapter 4 Okito Box Routine That Doesn’t Exist: Original Okito Box Routine
25 The Library: Current Magic Books
26 Addendum: Patter Spin on One Gambler Vs. Three Magicians
26 HP Wand Design: New Look for Magic Wands
27 State of The Onion: Thoughts on TV Magic

30 Chapter 5 Card Magic: Blindfold Poker Deal
31 Pseudo Center: A Pseudo Center for Blindfolded Dealing
32 The Library: Current Magic Books
32 Slowly I Turn: Thoughts on Trick Photography in TV Magic
33 Dark Frickin Humor: The New York Scene
34 Addendum: Additional Notes on the Pseudo Center Deal
34 Super Addendum: Looking Back on One Gambler Vs. Three Magicians

35 Chapter 6 Speaking of Monie: Out Thru the Side of Purse Coin Production
37 The Unseen Force: A Card Force by Cushing Strout
38 The Library: Thoughts on The Lost Notebooks of John Hilliard
38 Pro Fun Ditties: Thoughts on Magic
38 More From The Library: About Genii Magazine, Magic Books, Videos
39 Pottered: Thoughts on Developing a Wizard Theme

42 Chapter 7 Special Issue: No Cards, No Coins
42 Multiplication Trick With Small Balls
43 Jacks or Better: A Trick Using Children’s Gaming Jacks
44 Another Poor Man’s Raven: A New Vanisher Without a Magnet
45 The Library: Denny & Lee
45 Slowly I: Thoughts on New Format

47 Chapter 8The Mysterious Letter
47 4 Signed Aces Vanish and Reappear in a Sealed Letter
49 The Trick That Fooled Houdin: In Depth! (An Ambitious Card Move)
49 For The Cost of Two Rubber Bands: A Packet Trick
51 Zen In The Art of Magic Illustration: Thoughts on Packaging DVDs
51 The Library: Books, Videos, and Magazines
52 Dark Frickin’ Humor
53 Review: The Encyclopedia of Egg Magic

54 Chapter 9 Ipso Facto
54 The Best New Coin Trick in the World: Introducing Skid HPC
56 The Library: The Magic Mirror (Review), Misc. Thoughts
59 Special Bonus Issue: Let’s Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer (Packet Card Trick)

62 Chapter 10 Four Bikers of the Apocalypse (Robert E. Neale/Halloween Issue)
63 A New Packet Trick!
65 The Library: Writings on Ancient Sacred Magic

67 Chapter 11 Countact Deluxe
67 Countact Deluxe: A Variation on a T. A. Waters Effect
68 Webb’s 5 Card Psych Force Deck
68 Future 5 Psych Force
69 Combined 5 and Hobson’s Choice: Mentalism With Cards

71 Chapter 12: Back to Ever Lovin’ Cards
71 Jack Chanin’s Top Change: An Unusual Top Change
73 Webb’s Center: A Center Deal
75 Thoughts on the Bart Harding Stack: Mental Feats With a Stacked Deck
78 Special Bonus: Cheat Sheet For The Harding Stack
79 Special Holiday Bonus
79 Jumpin’ Gemini: Variations on a Trick by Darwin Ortiz
79 Hitchcock Aces: Variations on Another Ortiz Trick
79 Touches That Help Performing Paul Harris’ Anything Deck
80 A Tip for Monte
80 Thoughts on Paul Curry’s Cider
80 Bob Cassidy’s Art Of Mentalism
80 Kudos: Max Maven’s Mentalism With Batteries
81 On The Demise of Hartumim The Great
81 On Jongling Vs. Manipulation
82 A Xmas Story

84 Chapter 13 My Lucky Number
84 Webb’s ”My Magic Card” Revisited: Selected Cards to Pocket and Case
87 Hobson’s Living & Dead: A Living and Dead Test
90 The Afterburner: Thoughts on Derren Brown & Aaron Fisher
91 The BTDE Special New Year Issue
91 Reds Progress: A Card Trick Featuring a Kicker by Brian Higgins
92 The Patter for Reds Progress
94 Afterimages: Final Thoughts on Reds Progress
95 Book Review: Aaron Fisher’s The Paper Engine
95 The Fix-It Shop: Thoughts on Max Maven’s Caffeinomenon
96 Dark Frickin Humor
97 Extra Options for Reds Progress

98 Bonus Chapter: A Book That Doesn’t Exist Publication
98 Webb / Marlo / Leipzig Punch Deal: Dealing a Royal Flush Blindfolded
99 On the Use of Lucid Dreaming
99 Feel My Aura: Mentalism With Invisible Thread
100 Feel My Aura: Additional Credits
100 On Debunking Nostradamus
100 The Cusp: Review of Darwin Ortiz’ Scams and Fantasies

102 Chapter 15: Spell Check Bee: Spelling to Selected Card
104 The Afterburner: Razzle-Dazzle Vs. Magic
107 Bonus 2: A Book That Doesn’t Exist Publication
107 The Addendum Move Strikes Back: A New Copper-Silver-Brass Coin Routine
109 The No-Punch Punch: Blindfolded Dealing Without a Punch
110 Stargate GW: A Signed Card Vanishes and Reappears in Case
112 Jonathan Townsend Returns
114 The Afterburner: Final Tips on Webb’s No-Punch Deal and Stargate GW
115 Further Adventures of the No-Punch Deal: More Tips
116 Bonus 3: Hey! Don’t Expect One Of These Every Time!
116 Coin and Bill Vignette: A Dollar Bill Turns Into Coins
116 Best Poker Deal: Getting a Royal Flush in Spades

118 Chapter 15: Geller Coin
119 Bending a Coin With Your Mind
120 2 A-Heads: Variations With Copper and Silver Coins
121 From the Backroom: The NY Scene
122 Gregg Webb Newsflash!

123 Chapter 16: Herb Zarrow Tribute
124 Using The ”Z”: The Zarrow Shuffle
124 I Wouldn’t Want to Play Cards With You: A Poker Demonstration
126 Experimental: A Psych Card Force
127 Rumblings And Grumblings: Thoughts on Making Magic Clean

129 Chapter 17: Changes, Not Twists
129 Fixing Weak Spots in Tricks
130 Waist Level 3-Fly: In Hands Coins Across
131 On The Origin of Kap’s Subtlety
132 One-Handed 3-Way Spellbound: New Variation on a Great Coin Trick
133 Rumblings And Grumblings: Pausing at the Right Spots

134 Chapter 18: Best Frickin’ Poker (Or, Best Poker Routine Revisited)
135 On The Selection Process: Tips on Having Cards Selected
136 For Magic Only: A Sucker 21 Cent Trick
137 The Vortex: Origin of the Word Sleight

138 Chapter 19: The Fix-It Shop
138 Red Hot Ma-Ma: Variations on a Card Trick
140 Webb’s Color Stun: Variations on Color Stunner

142 Chapter 20: Coin Issue!
142 Kicker For One-Hand Three-Way: Variations for a Copper-Silver-Brass Routine
143 Kicker For Webb O. Box Routine: Kickers for an Okito Coin Box Routine
145 On Bending Rubber: More For Webb’s Bent Coin Routine
146 Dark Frickin’ Humor: A Story (Slydini’s Impromptu 1 Coin Routine)
146 Pro Fun Ditties: Thoughts on Watching Other Magicians

148 Chapter 21: Give Us A Sign!
149 Mentalism With Stamps and Pendulum
150 Heads I Win - Tails I Win (Calling a Tossed Coin)
151 Continous Ace Palm-Off Production

153 Chapter 22: Coin Magic
153 Shotglass Milagro: Coins Through Shotglass
156 Bottlecaps Magic: Chink-a-Chink and Matrix
158 Bonus Halloween Present
158 Hamman Count With Coins!: And a Coin Routine

160 Chapter 23: A Card Trick & A Coin Trick
160 The Card Trick
162 Palming 2 Coins of a Group: On Palming Technique
163 Coin Routine Using 2-Palm Technique
164 Bonus: Chop Shuffle For Coins: A False Shuffle-False Count
165 False Counting in Coin Tricks
166 Bonus: Let’s Pretend (a Card Trick)
168 Bonus Challenge: Signed Selected Card Appears in Book

170 Chapter 24: Final Edition: Final Card Tricks
170 Further Adventures of the Dupe Signature in Card Tricks
171 The Final Afterburner: Selected Card at Any Number
173 Bonus Xmas Present: One Hand Bank Night (Coins And Coffee Cup)
175 Final Bonus: Impersonation Aces, a Card Trick