Webb, Gregg: The Book That Casts No Reflection (TBTCNR)
©2005 Gregg Webb, Doug MacGeorge
e-Book, PDF format,
The Book That
              Casts No Reflection
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Comments: Available as a download from www.magic.org. From the foreword by Doug MacGeorge: "This e-book, The Book That Casts No Reflection, is a compilation of magic newsletters by the same name that Gregg wrote, illustrated, and published in 2004 and 2005. This is actually his fourth book.Three other books that he also published as private newsletters include:· “Feen-X,” which ran from 2000 through 2001; “The Book That Doesn’t Exist” from 2001 through 2002; And “SOSOHA” (The Society of Sleight of Hand Artists) from 2002 through 2003.


2 Foreword (Doug MacGeorge)
3 Table of Contents

6 Chapter 1 A Simplified Poker Deal
7 S.K.I.S.S.E.S.: Simplified Poker Deal
9 Retouches: Simplified Poker Deal
11 Key & Card: Idea for the Ghost Key
12 The Haunted Bookshelf: brief thoughts on the upcoming Juan Tamariz' Mnemonica book

13 Chapter 2 A Wild Card Trick – Coins
14 Wild Card Trick: Using Cartoons on Cards
14 Retouches: Adjusting Your Presentation
15 New 1 to 4: Coin Multiplication
16 Retouches: Coin Angles
17 Revisited Color Change as Card Vanish
18 Retouches: Signing Cards
19 Signed on Back: Selected Cards
19 Shoveling Water Uphill: About Magicism

21 Chapter 3 Signed on the Back
22 Signed on Back: Sudden Appearance of Signature
22 Jumping Jehosaphat: A Streamlined Jumping Gemini
26 Trimming the Fat: Using Your Best Tricks
27 Extree Extree: Upcoming Books

28 Chapter 4 All Night Card
28 The All Night Card: Using a Dupe Signature
30 Retouches: More About Signatures
30 Houdini’s Key: Mentalism with a Key, Coin and Cards
32 Retractions, Corrections, Questions & Answers: Several Topics
34 Bonus #1: The Book That Can Be Read In a Mirror
40 Bonus #2: The ‘A’ Twist During the ‘E’ Count!
43 Bonus #3: Streamlined Even Farther

49 Chapter 5 A Meeting With Reginald Scott
49 Candlesticks and Balls from 1583: Revisited
53 An Idea That Fell Through: Egg Bags for Cups & Balls
53 Tent Style Rub Change: New Wrinkle for Cards
54 Rub-A-Dub Change and Cards
54 The Pressure Cooker: Gregg Webb’s CD-ROM and More
56 Bonus #4: A True Lesson in Magic Thinking
56 Cards & Pendulum

65 Chapter 6 Coin Issue
65 Bee Bop Deluxe: Coin Lapping Trick
66 Retouches: Lapping
66 Skin Flick: A New Coin Vanish
67 Doug McKenzie’s Outer Limits Coin Concealment
68 Another New 1 to 4: A Coin Production
70 The Fixit Shop: Controlling Selected Cards
70 Three Controversies: Issues with 3-Fly
71 The Haunted Bookshelf: New Books

73 Chapter 7 Double Lifts the Old-Fashioned Way
73 Using the Old-Fashioned Double-Lift
75 Doug’s Dodge: A Bluff Shift Finesse (Doug Edwards)
76 Really Really Open: Rick Silverman’s Twist to Open Travellers with Cards
77 Brian Higgins and Cards
78 Cull The Conqueror: Brian Higgins’ Card Cull
78 A New Prop for Card in Lemon

82 Chapter 8 A Sponge Ball Animated Location
82 Sponge Ball Animated Location for Cards
83 Kenny Brown’s Improvement for It’s Alive!: Mentalism
85 A Tribute to Mike Bornstein
85 Corrections, Additions, Retractions, Apologies, etc
86 On Derren Brown: Thoughts About Mentalism

88 Chapter 9 ASSKISSES
88 ASSKISSES: An Even Simpler Poker Deal
90 Jonathan Hidalgo’s Floating Card Box
91 Cheng Lin’s Coin Vanish & Repro
92 About Cheng Lin and Jonathan Hidalgo

84 Chapter 10 Edwards, Hidalgo, Higgins, & Webb
95 Bug Off: Brian Higgins’ Reanimation of a Dead Bug
96 3 Lies + 1 Truth: Card Trick (Brian Higgins)
97 Inverted Spellbound: Coins (Janathan Hildalgo)
97 Gregg Webb on the Trick That Fooled Chanin

99 Chapter 11 A New Gimmick for the Tent Vanish
99 A New Gimmick for Tent Vanish: A Special Gimmicked Card
101 Gaffed Harry Potter-Style Wands
102 Eye Eye Captain: A New Paddle Trick
103 Fake Vernon Hand Wash: Card Idea (Doug Edwards)
105 The Future of Magic?

106 Chapter 12 Coin Paddle and New Ideas Issue
106 A New Coin and Paddle Trick
107 Diamond Chink-A-Chink: Using Bottlecaps
111 The End: Announcement of Gregg Webb’s Upcoming Book
112 Bonus #5: From “The Book That Doesn’t Exist…And More!”
112 Mental Thoughts: Causing A Seed To Germinate By Willing It!
114 Bonus #6: From “The Book That Doesn’t Exist…And More!”
114 My Magic Card: A Selected Card Appears in a Case Held by Spectator
118 Bonus #7: From “The Book That Doesn’t Exist…And More!”
118 Webb’s ”My Magic Card” Revisited: Selected Cards to Pocket and Case
122 Bonus #8: From “The Book That Doesn’t Exist…And More!”
122 Metal-ism: A Spoon Bending Effect
125 The Book That Doesn’t Exist…And More!: A Shameless Plug