Webb, Gregg: The Best of Feen-X Magazine Volume 1
©Jan 2000 - Dec 2000 Gregg Webb
e-Book in PDF format
Feenx 1
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Comments: Gregg Webb's Feen-X Magazine is now available as part of the e-Book collection: The Book That Doesn't Exist, available on CD-ROM in PDF format. The collection includes Feen-X Volumes 1 & 2 (issues 1-24), The Book That Doesn't Exist, and The Society of Sleight of Hand Artists. This is a great collection of material.


5 Issue 1
5 Sweet Little Sixteen - Instant Card to Pocket
7 The Odd Coin: Paddle Move with Two Copper/Silver Coins
9 Mental Thoughts: Causing a Seed to Germinate by Willing it
10 The Womb: special thoughts

12 Issue 2
12 Introducing Running Montay: Monte Demo Phase 1
14 The Odd Coin: Fingerpalm HPC (Han Ping Chien) Coins Across
16 Mental Thoughts: On New Samanism
17 The Womb: On Variety Magic Shows

20 Issue 3
20 Running Montay Phase Two: Monte Demo Phase 2
21 The Odd Coin: Double Deluxe HPC with Extra Kickers
23 Mental Thoughts: A False Charlier Shuffle
24 The Womb: Misc. Thoughts on Manipulation

27 Issue 4
27 Running Montay Phase Three: Monte Demo Phase 3
30 The Odd Coin: Pseudo Variations on HPC
31 Mental Thoughts: Thought Reading with Pictures
34 The Womb: Misc. Thoughts on Manipulation

36 Issue 5
36 End of Running Montay: Monte Demo Phase 4
40 The Odd Coin: Coins Across With False Count
43 Mental Thoughts: Blinded by the Lack of Light (Blindfolded Mentalism Stunt With Cards)
44 The Womb: Misc. Thoughts, Reviews

47 Issue 6 Pell-Mell Bound
48 Pell-Mell Bound: Card Turns into Coin & Vice Versa
49 Pell-Mell Section 2: Modified Rub-A-Dub Vanish
54 Pell-Mell Section 3: Small Details
57 The Womb: Sakewegea Dollar Coins

58 Issue 7 My Magic Card
59 My Magic Card: A Selected Card Appears in a Case Held by Spectator
61 In Hands Hit & Run: In Hands Coins Across
63 Blinded By the Lack of Light: ESP Card Version (Mentalism)
64 The Womb: Misc. Thoughts

66 Issue 8 The Twitch
67 The Twitch: A Thought of Card Moves (Invisible Thread)
68 Poor Man's Raven (Homemade Palm Magnet)
70 A Variation of HPC With Cards
73 The Womb: Sballbound (Spellbound Effect Using Billiard Balls)

75 Issue 9 Transpo HPC
75 Transpo HPC: Pseudo HPC With Coins
77 Deport: A Routine using HPC for Cards
70 Psychic Pen & String: Mentalism Effect based on a Bob McAllister Routine
81 The Womb: Thoughts on Quija Boards

82 Issue 10 (Halloween Issue) Bound and Gagged
82 Bound and Gagged: A Selected Card Appears Between Jokers
85 The Odd Coin: In Hands Hit & Run with 7 Matching Coins
86 Hit & Run 8: In Hands Coins Across (No False Counts Version)
87 Kone Dume Blee: Effect With Voodoo Dolls & Hatpins
87 The Womb: Thoughts on Doing a Manipulation Act Close Up

90 Issue 11 All That Jazz
91 Jazz Aces With Cards Face Up
94 The Doctored Jaks Purse: A Utility Device
95 Mental Thoughts: Mind Reading with a Can of Mountain Dew
96 The Womb: Thoughts on Doing Magic for Non-Magicians

98 Issue 12 Improved Chinese Production
99 Improved Chinese Production
101 The Odd Coin: Roll of Pennies Through Table
102 Mental Thoughts: Any Card at Any Number
103 The Womb: A Christmas Story (A Fable)