Waters, Sean: Ponderings
©2007 Sean Waters
Image from WatersMindWorks.com

Comments (Stephane): mentalism


1 Introduction: Comments from Charles Pecor
4 Foreword: A justification for existence
6 Red-Handed: A direct suggestion based psychological card force
12 Washington DeCeived: A memory effect takes a left turn at Uri’s place
16 HTP: Design duplication with a difference
25 PC Principle: A psychological method and some notes
29 K?nt: A prop-less mind reading miracle (knowledge of the K.E.N.T. method required)
34 Double Malt: Don’t knock it, till you try it
40 Why Try?: He is starting to believe
42 Avalon: Coincidence Imagined (complete with conversational hypnosis)
50 Parting Comments: Such sweet sorrow