Waters, Sean: Contemplations
©2008 Sean Waters
e-Book, 101 pages
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6 Foreword
9 Introduction
12 Reflexology: An Intimate Illusion
23 Horseshoes & Hand-Grenades: Thoughts on Missing
28 The Sands of Time: An Experiment in Para-Conscious Awareness
36 The DC Technique: A Method for Improving Rapport
41 Elementary: An After Dinner Mystery
52 Landscape Architecture: Use What You’ve Got
56 Hand Out: A Handy Prediction
60 Manchurian Candidate: An Experiment in Mind Control
68 As If: The Mentalist’s Tool
71 Illuminati: A Delightfully Pure Effect with a Dollar Bill
80 Regarding Rope: A Parable
86 Beyond Touch: A Perfectly Structured Color Sensing Routine
101 The Extra Mile: Bonus Ideas