Wass, Verrall: Visible Magic
1944 Sphinx Publishing Corporation, USA 1st Edition
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 11 Pages
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Visible Magic
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Comments (Lybrary.com): This booklet was inserted in volume 44 number 8 of The Sphinx. It was published as a gift to the loyal subscribers. Illustrations were done by Francis Martineau.


3 Preface
3 Eyes Colour Blind
3 Verrall's Visible Four Aces
4 From Deception to Doll's House
4 Verrall's Chameleon Carnations
7 Verrall's "Bango!"
7 Grandfather's Nightcap
8 Verrall's Vanishing Vase
8 It Hasn't Been Done Before!
8 Decanting a Rainbow
10 Francis Martineau
11 Verrall Wass