Wass, Verrall: Astound Your Audience Volume One Cards
©1936 Verrall Wass Publications
Hardcover, 95 pages
Astound Your Audience Vol 1 - Cards
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Comments (lybrary.com): "This is the first volume in a five volume series from which only two have been published. Verrall Wass takes us through his card tricks from manipulation to mechanical stage/platform effects. The ebook is split into two sections, one describing effects with regular sized cards, the other with giant cards – a total of 22 Amazing Effects in total. The last chapter espouses some of his personal ideas as to magical presentation and psychic phenomenon. Robert Harbin even donated an effect to this collection - "The Card in a Lemon." Many of the ideas in this ebook have been hibernating since 1936 and need to be performed for the public."

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Contents (Updated April 2017):

11 Differences of Opinion

17 I - Force It - Spell It - Count It
20 II - Verrall's Card Sensation
24 III - Challenge Book Test
27 IV - Dual Reverse
30 V - One From Six
32 VI - A Card Curiosity
35 VII - Message In Nicotine
38 VIII - Cigarette Sympathy
41 IX - Harbin's Note In Lemon
45 X - The Crawling Clip
48 XI - Prediction In Red
54 XII - Numerology
58 XIII - Triple Thought Control
62 XVI - Catching Ten Thousand Cards
67 XV - The Naughty Knave
71 XVI - One Destiny
74 XVII - Polychromatic Pasteboards
79 XVIII - Dissected Giant
81 XIX - An Accomplished Impossibility
84 XX - Rifle Range
88 XXI - Telepathy Proved
92 XXII - Slicing Card Conjuring In Two