Ward the Wizard: Wiles of a Wizard
©1967 Wizard Press, NY
Softcover, stapled manuscript
Wiles of a Wizard
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Dany.Khan

Comments: Illustrations by Ed Mishell. An updated version entitled "The New Wiles of a Wizard" was published with additional material on mentalism.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Instant Clairvoyance
2 Walking Through A Ribbon
3 Ward's Miracle Production Hat
4 Eyeless Vision Seeing Colors With Finger Tips
5 One Man Floating Ball
6 Watch Time Fly
7 Dr. Rhine Outdone
8 Diminishing Dollar
9 A Trip To The Moon
10 Controlled Choice
11 Instant Mind Reading
12 Mental Vision Of A Serial Number
13 Reading Billets
14 Card In Flame
15 Two Person Act
16 Ward Original Spirit Photo
17 New Two Person Mental Code
18 Comedy Mind Reading
19 Amazo Telepathy Test
20 Educated Gold Fish
21 Kling Klang Up To Date
22 Graphoùetry A New Science
23 Quadruple Coincidence
24 Levitation Of A Wand
25 An Impossible Card Trick - Magic Lie Detector
26 Cut And Restored Tie A New Method
27 Miracle Nest Of Boxes
28 An Incredible Production
29 An Original Coin Vanish
30 The Whispering Hat
31 My Favorite Opening Trick
32 The Romance Of Magic