Walsh, Audley: Sponge Ball Manipulation
©1940 by Audey Walsh
Reprint 1975 by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 32 pages
Sponge Ball
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Comments: Three books in one: Sponge Ball Manipulation by Audley V. Walsh, 15 pages, The Master Routine with the Sponge Balls by Kozak (copyright 1973 by Imperial Magic) 6 pages, and Sponge Ball Routines from Tarbell Course In Magic, Volume 1. Overall, a good inexpensive book on sponge balls, but there are other alternatives that provide the same basic routining. I believe Kozak's "Master Routine" has been updated by Steve Darci and is available on video and lecture notes. Also, there was a Tannen Reprint that only incluees the Walsh text and not the Kozak or Tarbell content.


3 Sponge Ball Manipulation by Audley V. Walsh
3 The Finger Palm or Finger Pinch
4 The Finger Pinch with Two Balls
4 Pick Up
5 Ring the Bell: apparently showing the right hand empty, with a Thimble Move
6 Sleeving and Lapeling: ditching a ball, lapeling won't be very useful with most clothing styles today
6 The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs: full routine using 4 large balls, 3 small balls, and a TT. Uses lapeling, which you will likely need to substitute something different. One ball changes to two several times in the spectator's hand, then two to three. Ends with a sequence using the small balls to a patter of the Three Little Pigs story.
9 Time Marches Onward or "The Lone Ranger Rides Again": Uses a bevy of colored sponges - 2 Large Red, 1 Large Green, 2 Small Red, Large Yellow, White, and Colored, and one Small Yellow. A full routine to a story of the Rose family.
12 Impromptu Introduction of Sponge Balls for the Table Worker: This is intended for the stroller who is able to sit at the spectator's table as an introduction to the sponge balls and to wet their appetite. A sponge ball is produced from a dinner roll, then is passed through the table twice, split into two balls, and one ball turns into two in the spectator's hand.
13 The Enlarging Sponge Ball: making a growing ball
14 Further Ideas: Color change gimmick, sponge balls to lemon or handkerchief, etc.

17 The Master Routine With The Sponge Balls by Kozak
18 Introduction
18 The Routine: Uses 4 standard sponge balls (Kozak uses 1.5" balls) and a purse frame. Can be performed seated or standing. The start: Ball produced from frame, then split into two, then ten count has ball transfer from one hand to the other. The routine continues from here with lots of spectator interaction.

23 The Three Wandering Sponge Balls. From Tarbell Course In Magic (Lesson 8 - Ball Tricks). Two balls to three several times in the spectator's hand then they all vanish.
29 Alternate Ending: a dozen small sponge balls are produced

30 The Four Traveling Balls (also from Tarbell): Four sponge balls travel mysteriously under a borrowed hat with a surprise ending