Waldman, Sheldon: Underhanded Sorcery
©1978 Sheldon Waldman, Paul Diamond
Hardcover, 49 pages
Also published in softcover
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Comments: Paul Diamond Gems of Magic series No. 4.


5 Introduction (Paul Diamond)
6 Table of Contents
7 The Close-Up Change: Introduction
8 - The Flick Change: a top change
8 - The Turn Down Change: another
9 Using the Table Changes: double and triple transposition
9 Room at the Top: ambitious card routine
12 An Eye Popping Opening Routine: card routine with a kicker
14 The Revolving Color Change: card technique
16 Triple You Do As I Do: impromptu card routine
18 The Dunbury Delusion Outdone: Sheldon's version
20 - A Variation in Handling: if you can deal seconds
20 The Excedrin Headache: cards and an Excedrin tin
23 The Instantaneous Steal: card technique
24 The 21st Stunner: with a nail writer
25 The 22nd Stunner: three items are predicted
27 Impromptu Psychometry: Card is only one with an X
27 The Expansion of Texture Revisited: coin and handkerchief idea
28 Impromptu Everywhere and Nowhere: Impromptu version of Hofzinzer card trick
31 The Drop Sleight Count Down: finding a card at any number
32 Head or Tails Change: coin technique
34 Copper-Silver Transposition: application of the change
34 Four Card Monte: four cards to pocket
37 The Tale of Geenwich Village: a clever gender-bender card trick
39 Instant Shrink: a shrinking card and deck trick
42 A Kardboard Konflagration: a flashy destroyed and restored card trick with a Zippo Lighter
47 Fantasy Impromptu: wrong card turns into the selection, and wrong card is found reversed in deck, or in your pocket