Wakeman, Randy (and Friends): The Rainbow Deck
©1995 Randal P. Wakeman,
Published by The Tricks are the Trade, Ltc
Softcover, Perfect bound, 47 pages
The Rainbow
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The Rainbow
              Deck II
Image courtesy Magicref

Comments: Illustrated by Simon Lovell, Photos by Brenda. I purchased this book along with Randy's Rainbow Deck II, the 2nd edition of a "rainbow" deck, which is a deck wherein all the cards have different backs. A few of the effects can be done with just a few uniquely backed cards, so you don't necessarily need a Rainbow deck to make use of the book, although it is recommended. If you buy the package with the deck, it also comes with a small pamphlet with two approaches to a basic routine: Spectator selects a card that should match a prediction, which apparently fails. The magician informs that the back was predicted, but the back is "normal". However, it is then seen to be unique as the rest of the deck has all different backs. Recommended.


Foreword: Randy Wakeman
1 A Backward Effect (Clark C. "Senator" Crandall): Selection has a different colored back, then all the cards change
4 Spectral Clock (Ken Brooke and Jon Racherbaumer): spectator picks the only odd card, including the back
7 The Real Color Change (Ron Bauer): Magician does a color change then a "real" color change - the back of the card (Leipzig color change)
10 Rainbow Twist  (Randy Wakeman): Three Aces follow one Ace turned face down, then turn face up one at a time, except for the Ace of Spades, which ends up in the middle of the deck. Ace of Spades then rises to top twice and is given a nickname, then other three Aces are shown to have special names, because of their backs. (Nelson Quickie, HA-LO Cut, Elmsley)
13 Fiction Prediction (Randy Wakeman): prediction turns wrong until magician states it is a prediction of the back of the card (all shown different). (Hindu Shuffle Force)
15 Marlo's Rainbow Deck (Edward Marlo): Color changing deck routine but with a "very fair" approach (Annemann Alignment, Tilt)
20 The Upturned One (Jon Racherbaumer): A through Four turn face down one at a time, then the backs change, then the whole deck changes (Ascanio Spread)
24 Prismatic Pack (Gene Castillon): Spectator chooses a small packet. Magician and spectator each deal cards until spectator runs out, then next card is the selection. Selection matches the prediction (both front and back), and all the other backs are shown to be different
28 Icing on the Case (Michael Powers): the card case turns rainbow colors
30 These Cards Are Marked (Ron Bauer): A comedy "marked cards" routine
33 Flashbacks (Randy Wakeman): Four Eights have regular backs, then one card gets an odd back, then the "regular" card has the odd back, then all have odd backs (Rumba count, Elmsley count)
38 Randy's Rainbow (Randy Wakeman and Frank Garcia): Selected card has a different back, then the whole deck changes (use as a closer with Marlo's Joker Switch)
41 Sleightless Switches (Ron Bauer): two alternatives for switching decks
43 Ned, The Philosophical Lemming: A poem by Simon Lovell
44 In Conclusion: thanks
46 Also by Randy Wakeman: list of books, tapes, etc.