Wagner, Bob: Bob Wagner's Master Notebook of Magic
©1992 Bob Wagner
Hardcover, 192 pages
Bob Wagner's
              Master Notebook of Magic
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13 Fun and Games, Gambling
13 6 Card Poker Repeat: 6 card repeat with jumbo finish
18 Spot 7, The Hard Way: spot card for dice players (track slide)
21 Out Damn Spot: dice spot card (magnetic version)
23 Cherchez La Femme Routine: Find the lady, audience wins
26 Texas Poker Routine: 10 card jumbo poker deal
28 Tic-Tac-Toe: Performer always wins, even a cat's game
30 Track Record Revised: different method for Larry Becker's Horse Race
33 Bingo: Magical Bingo card always has winning numbers
36 Fantastic Game Show: Turnabout is fair play for Larry Becker's "Millionaire's Rummy"
38 Notes on the Omega Bet: Presentation of Karl Fulves' Amazing "Omega Bet"
41 Game of Darts: Stab any card in a sealed shuffled deck
47 3 Cup Monte: Voice on tape recorder knows information that performer doesn't even know
50 Tic-Tac-Toe for Two: Blindfolded Medium plays perfectly; a rare performance by a medium, well done

55 Parlour and Stage Magic
55 Bang Rope: Bill Neff's rope restoration, start off with a bang!
58 Rings of the Nibelungs: complete routine with 2 rings and rope
64 Knot Tying Demonstration: Jeff Fowlston's Impressions with embellishment
71 Chinese Sticks Patter: Fun with words and 3 Tassles
73 The Inventor (Wunderbar Patter): character presentation
75 Stratospheres (Presentation): Easy to follow only 2 colors
76 Traffic Signs: complete routine with signs and arrow card
80 Dollar Bill In Lemon: Let's make a deal; bill is switched without folding, spectator tears off corner
84 Silkfreed: Pluck a silk handkerchief through a sealed bottle
86 Cut and Restored Rope and Magazine Page: both are restored

88 Pocket Card Index Miracles
88 E. Scott Powers' Fast Draw Card Index: easiest and fastest index in the West
94 Emperor's New Cards: any card named is the only printed card in a blank deck
96 Tzonthebak: turnabout ending to a card prediction
98 Triskai-Deck-Aphile: 27 Card Trick with Added fireworks
102 Pyramid Letter: "It's a Natural" disguised with a comic chain letter
106 Untouchable: Performer doesn't touch the deck, yet has predicted the location and identity of a selected card
108 Behind My Back: "Persistent View" phenomenon card prediction
110 Crystal Clear: 3 cards predicted by a crystal ball
112 Overhand Pickup Shuffle Force: a handy card force
114 Pick Pocket: cards, silently thought of, are quickly located in a shuffled deck in the performer's pocket
118 Roulette Bet: Selected card appears at a number determined by the spin of a roulette wheel

120 Miscellaneous Card Magic
120 Mystery of the Queen's Diamond: complete rhymed detective story - culprit is hanged!
126 The Animal Trainer: trained duck spells any card
128 Curse of the Invisible Flying Card: card in balloon routine
132 Slow Motion Card Through Handkerchief: the hand is slower than the eye
136 Twister: 3 cards each instantly materialize in a goblet
139 It's In the Bag: performer finds 3 cards in a bag; the deck vanishes
141 Enchanted Pack: complete close up card routine with 4 cards, deck changes color twice
150 The Thirteen Card Trick: amazing location of 13 cards
153 One to Ten Routine: performer reveals how many cards are moved; each repetition is more amazing
155 Genie in the Bottle: A Scripted play version of "Trik-Trak"
158 One Chance in 720: 6 selected cards are spelled to in succession
160 Six Chimps: alphabet letters magically spell 2 selected cards
163 Diabolical Princess Card Trick: give 5 explanations as to how it's done, yet the audience has no idea of the method
167 Card in the Window: utility card case
168 Cardivination: repeatable card prediction using the "card in the window"

170 Occult Magic
170 Musical Chairs: a dream come true
173 Houdini séance: Houdini speaks, opens a lock, leaves a message on magnetic spirit slates
177 Good Luck Charms: spectators demonstrate psychic powers
179 Question-Answer Deck: Gypsy cards will answer only 1 question
182 Mystic Number Three: Psychic matching of Rhine Card symbols
185 Extra-Sensory Powers: 4 kinds of psychic powers - Clairvoyance, telepathy, psychokinesis, prediction
188 34 and a Star: predict a number and a symbol
191 Three Unknowns: Magician discerns the number on a die, and the location and identity of a card