Voorhees, Rev. Ted: Magic for Ministers
©1930 Homer A. Rodeheaver, PA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 80 pages
Magic for
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Comments: Gospel Magic object lessons


2 Introductory Letter (Homer Rodeheaver)
3 Magic for Ministers A Letter (Rev. Ted Voorhees)
4 Photo: of author with Howard Thurston
5 Chapter I Object Lesson Preaching: on using object lessons
7 Chapter II Magic in Object Work: use of magic
10 Chapter III Presentation of Magic Object Lessons: how to present
12 Chapter IV Truth Faith and Love: Illustrated by Grandma's Necklace
14 Chapter V How God Knows: illustrated by Numbers on Arm
16 Chapter VI How Sin Comes In: illustrated by the Smoke Trick; uses Hydrochloric Acid!
18 Chapter VII Daniel in the Lion's Den: illustrated by the Match in the Handkerchief; broken & restored
20 Chapter VIII Casting Out Fear: illustrated by Chinese Ring from the String
22 Chapter IX Sunshine After Rain: illustrated by Handkerchief from the Flame
24 Chapter X Breaking Satan's Hold: illustrated by Ropes About (through) the Neck
26 Chapter XI Good or Bad: illustrated by the Quick or Dead mind reading trick
29 Chapter XII How Habits Come: illustrated by the Phantom Ring; ring removed from rope binding wrists
31 Chapter XIII Jesus and Satan: illustrated by Wine and Water Trick; color changing water with chemicals
34 Chapter XIV Being Useful: illustrated by Milk From Water; chemical trick
36 Chapter XV What Our Thoughts Can Do: illustrated by the Chemical Flag; colors appear on paper
38 Chapter XVI God's Test: Illustrated by the Spinning Egg
40 Chapter XVII The Hebrew Children and the Fiery Furnace: Illustrated by the Envelope and Ribbon; envelope is cut but ribbon inside is not
43 Chapter XVIII Deceit: illustrated by the Cut Banana
46 Chapter XIX Looking Backward and Forward: Deciding if this approach works for your ministry
48 Chapter XX The Loaves and the Fishes: illustrated by the multiplying coin plate
50 Chapter XXI What God Can Do With A Life: illustrated by the Carpet of Bagdad; a production
52 Chapter XXII Obedience: illustrated by Obedient Block or Ball
54 Chapter XXIII Paul in Prison: Illustrated by Chinese Wrist Shackles
56 Chapter XXIV The Undependable Man: illustrated by the Demon or Rattle Bars
58 Chapter XXV Sin Is a Robber: Illustrated with the Bottomless Glass
60 Chapter XXVI Selfishness: Illustrated with the Ching Ling Foo Water Can
62 Chapter XXVII Carelessness: Illustrated with the Universal Vanisher
64 Chapter XXVIII Love: illustrated with the Afghan Bands
66 Chapter XXIX Faithfulness: illustrated by the Floating Wand
68 Chapter XXX Sources of Material: where to buy magic
70 Chapter XXXI Putting Your Knowledge to Work: where to perform
74 Contents 75 Notes and Clippings: blank pages for notes
78 Suggestions for Magical Material: more references 80 Special Helps for Children's Work: Advertisement for four books