Victor, Edward: Classic Card Tricks
©2004 Dover Publications
Softcover, 98 Pages
Classic Card Tricks
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Comments (Andrew Loh): Original Dover (2004) publication, containing all the card tricks from The Magic of the Hands, originally published by Waddilove & Co., London, [n.d.]; More Magic of the Hands, published by Max Holden, New York, 1942; and Further Magic of the Hands, Max Holden, New York, 1946. 105 black-and-white figures.

Contents: (Note: numbers are not page numbers)

ix Preface
xi Author's Foreword

1 PART ONE - From The Magic of the Hands

1 1. Some Useful Card Sleights I Have Proved Effective
2 The "Pass"
3 E.V. Colour Change
4 "E.V." Invisible Double Lift
5 A New Glide
6 A One-Handed Force
7 The "Book" Return
8 Sighting the Top Card
9 A Substitute for the "In-Jog"

12 2. Card Problems
13 Supreme Control
14 The Expert Deal
15 A Royal Exchange
16 "Sign, Please!"
17 The "Deo-Ace" Trick
18 The Thirty Card Trick

33 PART TWO - From More Magic of the Hands

33 3. Further Card Sleights And Their Uses
34 The "Pass" Again!
35 Kings and Tens Effect
36 The "E.V." semi-circular Colour Change
37 A New Colour Change Card Trick
38 A Move for the "Rising Cards" (sleight-of-hand method)
39 "Face-to-Face" Pack Effects (two methods)
40 A "Fan" Card Change
41 A "Quick" Reversed Card Trick
42 A False Riffle Shuffle

54 4. More Card Problems
55 The Cards and Handkerchief Effect
56 The Four Mental Cards
57 The Sense of Touch
58 The Magnetized Cards (sleight-of-hand method)

71 PART THREE - From Further Magic of the Hands

71 5. Sleights and Aids in Card Work
72 An Invisible Palm
73 The Diagonal-Palm Shift as an Aid to the Rising Card Trick
74 A Useful Envelope for the Card in Cigarette Effect
75 Switching a Pack

81 6. Some Fresh Card Effects
82 The Haunted Pack
83 A Miracle Burnt and Restored Card
84 The Awkward Ace
85 "Do As I Do"
86 New Pocket-to-Pocket Effect
87 Veneri's Card Trick