Vernon, Dai & John J. Crimmins, Jr. (editor): Select Secrets (Revised and Enlarged)
1949 2nd Edition, Published by Max Holden
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 41 pages
Vernon Select
Image from Martinka Auctions

Comment (Alain Roy): Edited by John J. Crimmins, Jr.


5 Introduction (Dai Vernon)
7 Topping the Deck: An excellent method for palming cards
11 The Royal Marriages: Mixed up Kings and Queens pair off by suits.
14 Follow the Leader: Ten red and ten black cards "change colors" by matching leader cards, even though the leader cards are switched.
19 Vernon's Automatic Gambler: Gambling demo. Four hands are dealt, each time the spectator gets a better hand, but yours is even better.
21 Addition and Subtraction: Spectator thinks of one card out of fifteen. Cards are shuffled and split into two packets. Magician does some math with the cards to find the thought of card.
25 The Little Dictators (Methods 1 and 2): Dice that are rolled help find selected card.
27 Winged Silver: A coins across. Three silver coins travel to join three gold coins.
29 Two Impromptus by T. Nelson Downs:
29 - Fallacy of Vision (T. Nelson Downs): Coin vanish with gimmicked coin.
31 - Matchless Digits (T. Nelson Downs): Three matches vanish then reappear.
34 A Cigarette Switch: Utility move for use with a borrowed cigarette.
35 Heads or Tails: Variation on the classic glass through table.
37 Twentieth-Century Handkerchief Trick: White silk vanishes, appears between a previously untied red and blue handkerchief stuffed into a newspaper cone.
38 Snow Storm in China: Ripped tissue paper is soaked in water, then fanned into a beautiful (and messy) "snowstorm".