Vernon, Dai: First California Lecture
©1976 Dai Vernon, Published by Jeff Busby
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 24 pages
              California Lecture
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Comments: Notes taken from the Dai Vernon Lecture in 1976 by Dariel Fitzkee and Fred Braue. Outline the differences from Lewis Ganson's published descriptions. The Jeff Busby chapter includes a list of related resources.


ii The Invitation to the Lecture
ii Frontispiece: Dai Vernon Lecturing
vii Introduction

1 Section 1 Dariel Fitzkee
1 Opening Remarks
2 Variations on the False Count
4 Synopsis of the Lecture Notes
4 Follow the Leader
4 Palming
6 Forcing
7 Changes
7 A Silk Routine
8 Cups and Balls
9 Han Ping Chien
9 Center Tear Billet Test
10 Cone, Ball and Handkerchief
10 Linking Rings
11 Final Remarks and Suggestions

12 Section II Fred Braue
12 Photograph of Fred Braue
13 Slow Motion Ace Assembly
13 Notes on the Erdnase Bottom Palm
13 The Aeroplane Card

17 Section III Jeff Busby
17 Notes on the Text